Cleaning The Mental Closet 4: (Goals For 2015)

Hard to believe 2014’s about done with, hmm? Seems like yesterday we were welcoming it with so many goals and resolutions! Anyway, I know I’ve had resolutions that were made, but while some I saw through, others, I’ve been putting on the back burner yet again… However, in this post, I’d like to share some milestones I would like to reach! ๐Ÿ™‚

First: I would love to get that new computer built, so this computer could be retired. As you have read, a build on you tube, under $700.00 has been researched and using a website, a mockup has been built, using some of the same specs. So after the R/C truck’s been paid off/bought, saving up for the parts will be next on my list!

Next goal would be to go outside, during the warm months more. While true, I went outside, running my hobby this year, I’ve felt like more time could be spent outdoors! ๐Ÿ™‚ In 2015, every waking moment will be spent in the sun.

Next goal is personal, but seeing the girls/women that have played on my feelings and manipulated me, I haven’t been to sure I’ve wanted to try again. Well, I think this coming year, I’ll try meeting some nice girl, who knows, she might be my princess! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also in 2015, my anime collection of dvds/blu-rays will be rebuilt! ๐Ÿ™‚ Though the old Neon Genesis Evan. is priced out of this world on Amazon, (at $100.00+), I’m planning on getting the reboot. Yes, it’s lacking in some aspects, as someone told me the other day, which I agree, but it is reasonably priced on, so that site is where I’ll get the anime. While on this subject of anime &, they carry some of the old anime that were on in the 90s-2005. Series like .Hack Sign, Nadesico and more. True, those are old, but I’m going to buy em, among others! At some point, saving some money, so I might get to an anime convention in 2016 is on my to do list, because a vacation for me is WAY overdue!

That vampire novel that has been on the back burner, WILL be revisited, I’ve been going over paragrapghs in my head for it.:)

Finally: A few posts ago, the topic of me learning how to use a full Katana was discussed. Well to me, 2015 seems like the year to train with one. So, once I find one, I’ll buy it and start working out.


Thought I’d Post These To Show

For a while now, people who follow me here and those who drop by know that I’m a gamer & have been for a lot of years, but I’ve only shown one or two gaming videos of the games I play. Well today, I thought starting a monthly thing, posting videos, showing me playing. Some of the vids will be of Soul Cal 5 matches, while one shows ho I use the PS3 controller.

The goal is to show people that I do play, so without further talk, the first three videos are below.

The cat girl creation in the video is from a book I’m attempting to complete. True, she’s not really vampire like there, but there is only so much I can do in creation.

This next video is another Soul Cal. 5 match, with another creation I made. I’ve went for a female Bruce Lee, just to see how it would look.

Last video for the week is a match between a player’s Princess Zelda againstย  the White Armor of Inferno.

My Thoughts On The New Evangelion Anime

If you’re a hardcore Anime fan like I am, then I’m sure most know about Neon Genesis Evangelion, but for those who haven’t, research it. Back in the 90s, a friend sold me some of his anime, with the old version of Evangelion among the pile & I watched it first. When I started watching, I’ll admit, the series confused me, but after a few episodes, I’ve had a grasp on the series.

With that said, this rebuild of Evangelion, (going by the titles Evangelion 1.11 and so forth), puts a new spin on the classic plot. Sure, most of the story hasn’t been messed with, but a lot of it has been well redone, with added scenes, new characters etc.

While Japanese dubbed with English subtitles is what I prefer when watching anime, Toonami ran Evangelion 1.11 & 2.22 last night, (Saturday) and I watched it, without to much laughing at the dubbed voice acting. Must say, I’ve enjoyed this new Evan so much that I’m leaning on buying it in a few months! It had the same humor, the same twists, but filled in a lot where the old Neon Genesis Evangelion left out!

Banging Out An Idea For A Computer Rebuild

For the past six or seven years, I’ve been using the same computer that my ex caregiver built for me, after she gutted a 1,200 dollar gaming and workhorse computer, that worked well for me. But of course, being the naive guy I was I let her talk me into letting her build me this computer, which is like a lemon.

Well, I’ve been trying to get parts so a new computer could be built, but because of family restraining me, I couldn’t get all the parts last year. So a few days ago, before blogging my plan for 2015, an idea came to me, causing me to look up $700-1,000 gaming pc builds on you tube, because after the rc truck’s paid off, I wanna save until Dec.

Now I know what some might be thinking: “Why not just buy a prebuilt computer?” And yes, that’s a valid question, but it is cheaper to have one custom built, more options, etc. in my opinion. I’ve already got the board and cpu, a graphics card, dvd/cd burner and power supply, but I’m thinking of replacing the board and cpu to a FX6300, the graphic card to a amd R8 270x. True these parts are from a 2014 computer build, & possible won’t be 2015 up to date, however the computer will be better than this dinosaur.


One Of My Goals For 2015 Is….

Like some of us, setting goals for the coming year, but then not following through on them is something I’m known for. Last year around this time, I’ve started doing my sword Kata again, as a form of exercise. And while I have stuck to it, more or less, lately, I;m catching myself slacking off.ย  That or the two I live with don’t go to bed early enough, so I can wheel out to the living room to do the Kata.

For those new to this blog, let me do a little introduction, before going on. I’m in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy, but other then being one handed, I play video games well, I’ve had a good teacher in martial arts, who trained me in Hapkido, (a Korean art). And he trained me in the sword Kata. Plus, I’m a huge Anime fan!

When my instructor first started training me in the Samurai Sword, he handed me a wooden sword, trying to see if I could handle it. At the time, (mid 90s), my arm strength wasn’t that well off. It is true that before getting my electric wheelchairs, I’ve pushed myself everywhere, but that didn’t get me ready for the weight of the wooden Katana.

He wasn’t these by the book “one size fits all” kinda instructors, he cared about teaching me. How did we tackle the sword Kata? He went out of his way, ordering an aluminum Wakizashi, (a short Japanese sword), giving it to me. Using it for the Kata felt natural, the weight wasn’t an issue at all, which I liked, because the strain on my arm was next to nothing.

Years later, after I’ve gotten my Black Belt and Bill had to stop teaching, for personal reasons, I continued practicing martial arts and the sword Kata, with the Wakizashi. In my mind, something lit a fire, making me want to get to a point where I could handle a full Katana one handed. So, I asked my new sword instructor if he would help, but of course, he was all negative about it, causing me to lose interest in the pursuit.

Over the years, the thought has crossed my mind to train myself to use a full sized sword & I think 2015 might be the year for that goal. Sure, it won’t be easy, it’ll mean putting in work, but I WILL get to a point where I can handle it!

My Plan For My Next Birthday

This may make me a scrooge, if it does, please someone let me know… After seeing how my family could be so low as to not care enough to wish me a Happy Birthday, or at least get me a cake, I’ve decided on something for next year, (ie: next Christmas).

In a post not to long ago, I said that the new DBZ movie was bought for my nephew, as his Christmas gift, but after what he said last Tuesday, my goodwill is done! After my r/c truck is paid off in February, my plan is to save one hundred dollars every month, until Dec. 2015, then buy myself somethings. Wrong of me?

I just think that after all I do, supporting the house, paying bills for my nephew and his girl, I should get respect by them & my sister, but don’t. So why waste money on gifts for the ones who can’t be bothered saying happy birthday? This reaction maybe coming out of spite of course, but I don’t think it is.

Cleaning The Mental Closet 3

Looking back over the last seven years of my life, I realize that I’ve lost my way, costing me friendships, & I’ve people take advantage of me.In this “cleaning”, I’ll cover how that happened and what I’m trying to do to balance the books so to speak.

Before my mom got sick, I had been living with her, but after she returned home, the stroke changed her, & she developed a mean streak. Though I knew the massive stroke made her have this alter ego, it became apparent I needed to move, so I did.

For a while there, I moved in with my sister, which wasn’t my first choice, but until finding an affordable place, it seemed doable. Some months later, we found a small ground level apartment, two blocks away from my sister. I took it and it felt good having a place of my own. For a time, things went my way! I had a place, money to get whatever, & could go everywhere at anytime, but things started to decline.

After being robbed twice and have the landlord not take care of a mouse and roach problem, (of which I told him about), I felt like it was time to move, which pissed my sister off! So, with my mother calmed some, she said I could come home. Sometime after, she had to go into a home, which she left the house to me, this is where my life spun out of control a little bit!

Months went by of me doing what I loved, cookingm taking of the trash etc. myself. Sure, I needed my sister to come get me up, help me on and off the toilet, but for the most part, the house was mine. One day, I regretted taking the trash out, because this was how my first mistake ended up a big mess! As I headed out with a trash bin, a woman came down from the bus stop & asked me if I needed help, I said I had it controlled, but she wormed her way in, helping me anyway.

Days later, she would stop by, talking me into letting her and a guy she met move into to the house, mistake! Won’t bore you about how she was treating the house like her own little meeting place for guys she met online, guys who for all I knew were robbers. While this was going on, she had been talking to her friends, (using my computer), and they told her they were losing their house, could they move in.

This sounded off to me, because of she told me of her friend’s issues, but on the other foot, begging me to let em move into the house. Well, should’ve listened to my gut, especially after the crap that went on while the two viewed the house. The lady accused me of listening to her use the bathroom, but I was in my room, thinking about how to arrange my room! Like a dummy, I let them move in and the issues piled up!

The woman hacked my computer, accusing me of hacking hers and her boyfriend’s, I don’t bloody know how one does that shit, so it wasn’t me! She got me band from using an old yahoo ID. I had to go to the library if I wanted to check email/contact friends, telling them what was going on. Oh and god for bid if I went to a function my anime club held, because they’d call me every ten seconds! Got to a point where I almost killed myself, I was so beaten down!

After a long talk with my sister, she agreed to help me evict them, which they left a few days before it was time to have them removed. When I moved back in, I got my life back an swore NOT to let people steamroll me again. Alas, the old nosy neighbors were coming around, telling me I needed to sell the house etc. Well, mom’s money grubbing power of attorney talked me into handing the house to him.

Y’know, when I go by the house today, on the way to the hobby shop, we go by the house and I get sad about letting it go. In my time, I’ve screwed up, had to move more than I want to say, but this next part I most regret!

Most who have read this blog from the days on, (the blog site I transferred from), have read about two net friends who I viewed as my adopted family and how we use to help each other. Before continuing, let me say that there are somethings I don’t fully agree with, but to each his own. Years ago, my friend wanted advice on the subject of having the same operation her husband had. Day after day, she’d ask for my input, until one day, I told her: “It sounds to me like she wanted it done, because her husband was doing it. She got mad, saying I didn’t support the cause, then blocked me.

Like I said, I’ve tried balancing life’s books, so a week ago an email was sent apologizing to them, but no word back, as yet. That’s a friendship that I wish could be repaired!