Cleaning The Mental Closet & Things

I don’t want this put to be a bad one, because it isn’t. It is just me typing, getting things cleared out of my “Mental Closet”, so to speak. To begin with, I need to restate for those who might not know, or may have forgotten, this time of year, (Thanksgiving and Christmas) don’t mean much to me now, since my mom & dad passed a few years back. Honestly, all I did last Thursday was enjoy peace and quiet, without the nephew here.

Now, the fun stuff. From now on, (& I’ve told my nephew this), every month I’m allowing myself some money to use for anything I want, because I feel like I’m supporting him and his girlfriend, without getting much in return. So, I don’t care if they complain, it is my cash paying for the roof over their and their kids heads! Seeing that my birthday’s in one more week, I’ve taken some of that money and ordered a complete anime series on Blue Ray, (however you spell that). It wasn’t badly priced either, under $26.00 on Amazon, so yeah! đŸ™‚

I think I’ll rebuild my anime library with half dvd half Blue Ray discs, (whatever series I can get). Now, my nephew wasn’t forgotten. While ordering the Full Metal Panic for me, I got the new DragonBall Z movie for him, (he best know I thought of him)! As for what petty cash I have left? My plan is to have him take me to the hobby shop Sunday, so I can put a Traxxas Stampede XL-5 in layaway.

Here’s the part that stumps me. A months or so, I met a girl gamer on from Japan on PSN. When I played her in Soul Cal. 5, she usually would spank my butt, & I’d say good game, because it was in fun. Lately however, she’s been odd, trying to hard, spamming or just doing anything to win. And on the chance I eek out a win, she’s like “grab grab grab, I tired of grabs, no more going easy!”, then boom, it’s try hard mode again. I didn’t grab her, but twice, maybe three times, sorry my play style isn’t a gods.

There’s more to this story. I’m not sure if it’s a ploy or if she has issues, but every time we game together or talk, she thinks I’m mad at her for a reason. I tell her I’m not and that she’s cool, but still she thinks I’m upset. I respect the Japanese people, but it’s getting to a point she’s upsetting me with this crap.


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