Cleaning Out The Mental Closet 2

Not being myself online, checking email or done much surfing for two, three weeks had me thinking about things & I’ve done things that I set for myself this month. Though my ex girlfriend might be ticked because I haven’t been on yahoo messenger to role play my vampire book to death, which isn’t a play on words, it is just boring as sin, sitting on messenger day in and out, Role Playing. I think that’s why I’ve taken four or five years to finish the chapter I’ve been on.

In my time offline, things, both good and bad have come to light to talk about here, to let readers know what’s new with me, & if this post is well received, I may do more. With no further junk, let’s get to it! Starting backwards with yesterday, (Saturday). Sticking to my new way of living, taking some money and spending it on me,I had my nephew take me to the hobby shop, where a deposit was slapped down on a new 2WD Traxxas electric Stampede!

Of course they just sold out of em, but they ordered the one I wanted right there. However, being the way I am, having a clear idea of what I want done to the truck, that prepainted black body Traxxas provides will be discarded ASAP! My vision for the Stampede is like this: A clear unpainted 1920s Ford truck body, painted Blue or Hot Rod red on Pro-Line Trencher tires, giving it that aggressive stance. Next August, Have Riders add Aluminum fenders, shocks, then in the Fall save for a upgraded motor and esc.

Oh don’t think my old TL-01 won’t be driven next season, because it will! đŸ™‚ If it’s possible, I’ll convert that to aluminum too, because when I ran it last summer for that brief time, every bump I hit, seemed to have me think I’ve broken the car.

In my last post, I wrote that I’ve ordered my first anime on Blu-ray. Well, Wednesday it came, but the series that was ordered is a spin off from the series I had. I’ll keep this, because it’s full of comedy and I’ll just order the other seasons of Full Metal Panic when I get the chance, no big deal. This is the way I’m looking at it. Least I’m rebuilding my anime collection, so all is good!

Now the bad side of this post, but before beginning, I’d like it known that I don’t mean any disrespect. Last week while playing Soul Cal. 5 with that Japanese friend of mine, she totally upset me. Every time we would play, she would either try to hard to win, by spamming Critical edge to win, spam in general or just up and leave a match, when I’m winning. When I told her I can’t do Critical edge moves one handed, please tone it down, she still spammed them, saying she will leave me alone, until I calm down.

Let me say that when my other friends an I play, some use Critical Edge & that’s fine, because they do not spam it, giving me a chance to win. Other friends who know I can’t use the move, don’t use it. I really wish I knew what goes through her mind at times….


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