Cleaning The Mental Closet 3

Looking back over the last seven years of my life, I realize that I’ve lost my way, costing me friendships, & I’ve people take advantage of me.In this “cleaning”, I’ll cover how that happened and what I’m trying to do to balance the books so to speak.

Before my mom got sick, I had been living with her, but after she returned home, the stroke changed her, & she developed a mean streak. Though I knew the massive stroke made her have this alter ego, it became apparent I needed to move, so I did.

For a while there, I moved in with my sister, which wasn’t my first choice, but until finding an affordable place, it seemed doable. Some months later, we found a small ground level apartment, two blocks away from my sister. I took it and it felt good having a place of my own. For a time, things went my way! I had a place, money to get whatever, & could go everywhere at anytime, but things started to decline.

After being robbed twice and have the landlord not take care of a mouse and roach problem, (of which I told him about), I felt like it was time to move, which pissed my sister off! So, with my mother calmed some, she said I could come home. Sometime after, she had to go into a home, which she left the house to me, this is where my life spun out of control a little bit!

Months went by of me doing what I loved, cookingm taking of the trash etc. myself. Sure, I needed my sister to come get me up, help me on and off the toilet, but for the most part, the house was mine. One day, I regretted taking the trash out, because this was how my first mistake ended up a big mess! As I headed out with a trash bin, a woman came down from the bus stop & asked me if I needed help, I said I had it controlled, but she wormed her way in, helping me anyway.

Days later, she would stop by, talking me into letting her and a guy she met move into to the house, mistake! Won’t bore you about how she was treating the house like her own little meeting place for guys she met online, guys who for all I knew were robbers. While this was going on, she had been talking to her friends, (using my computer), and they told her they were losing their house, could they move in.

This sounded off to me, because of she told me of her friend’s issues, but on the other foot, begging me to let em move into the house. Well, should’ve listened to my gut, especially after the crap that went on while the two viewed the house. The lady accused me of listening to her use the bathroom, but I was in my room, thinking about how to arrange my room! Like a dummy, I let them move in and the issues piled up!

The woman hacked my computer, accusing me of hacking hers and her boyfriend’s, I don’t bloody know how one does that shit, so it wasn’t me! She got me band from using an old yahoo ID. I had to go to the library if I wanted to check email/contact friends, telling them what was going on. Oh and god for bid if I went to a function my anime club held, because they’d call me every ten seconds! Got to a point where I almost killed myself, I was so beaten down!

After a long talk with my sister, she agreed to help me evict them, which they left a few days before it was time to have them removed. When I moved back in, I got my life back an swore NOT to let people steamroll me again. Alas, the old nosy neighbors were coming around, telling me I needed to sell the house etc. Well, mom’s money grubbing power of attorney talked me into handing the house to him.

Y’know, when I go by the house today, on the way to the hobby shop, we go by the house and I get sad about letting it go. In my time, I’ve screwed up, had to move more than I want to say, but this next part I most regret!

Most who have read this blog from the days on, (the blog site I transferred from), have read about two net friends who I viewed as my adopted family and how we use to help each other. Before continuing, let me say that there are somethings I don’t fully agree with, but to each his own. Years ago, my friend wanted advice on the subject of having the same operation her husband had. Day after day, she’d ask for my input, until one day, I told her: “It sounds to me like she wanted it done, because her husband was doing it. She got mad, saying I didn’t support the cause, then blocked me.

Like I said, I’ve tried balancing life’s books, so a week ago an email was sent apologizing to them, but no word back, as yet. That’s a friendship that I wish could be repaired!


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