My Plan For My Next Birthday

This may make me a scrooge, if it does, please someone let me know… After seeing how my family could be so low as to not care enough to wish me a Happy Birthday, or at least get me a cake, I’ve decided on something for next year, (ie: next Christmas).

In a post not to long ago, I said that the new DBZ movie was bought for my nephew, as his Christmas gift, but after what he said last Tuesday, my goodwill is done! After my r/c truck is paid off in February, my plan is to save one hundred dollars every month, until Dec. 2015, then buy myself somethings. Wrong of me?

I just think that after all I do, supporting the house, paying bills for my nephew and his girl, I should get respect by them & my sister, but don’t. So why waste money on gifts for the ones who can’t be bothered saying happy birthday? This reaction maybe coming out of spite of course, but I don’t think it is.

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