Banging Out An Idea For A Computer Rebuild

For the past six or seven years, I’ve been using the same computer that my ex caregiver built for me, after she gutted a 1,200 dollar gaming and workhorse computer, that worked well for me. But of course, being the naive guy I was I let her talk me into letting her build me this computer, which is like a lemon.

Well, I’ve been trying to get parts so a new computer could be built, but because of family restraining me, I couldn’t get all the parts last year. So a few days ago, before blogging my plan for 2015, an idea came to me, causing me to look up $700-1,000 gaming pc builds on you tube, because after the rc truck’s paid off, I wanna save until Dec.

Now I know what some might be thinking: “Why not just buy a prebuilt computer?” And yes, that’s a valid question, but it is cheaper to have one custom built, more options, etc. in my opinion. I’ve already got the board and cpu, a graphics card, dvd/cd burner and power supply, but I’m thinking of replacing the board and cpu to a FX6300, the graphic card to a amd R8 270x. True these parts are from a 2014 computer build, & possible won’t be 2015 up to date, however the computer will be better than this dinosaur.



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