My Thoughts On The New Evangelion Anime

If you’re a hardcore Anime fan like I am, then I’m sure most know about Neon Genesis Evangelion, but for those who haven’t, research it. Back in the 90s, a friend sold me some of his anime, with the old version of Evangelion among the pile & I watched it first. When I started watching, I’ll admit, the series confused me, but after a few episodes, I’ve had a grasp on the series.

With that said, this rebuild of Evangelion, (going by the titles Evangelion 1.11 and so forth), puts a new spin on the classic plot. Sure, most of the story hasn’t been messed with, but a lot of it has been well redone, with added scenes, new characters etc.

While Japanese dubbed with English subtitles is what I prefer when watching anime, Toonami ran Evangelion 1.11 & 2.22 last night, (Saturday) and I watched it, without to much laughing at the dubbed voice acting. Must say, I’ve enjoyed this new Evan so much that I’m leaning on buying it in a few months! It had the same humor, the same twists, but filled in a lot where the old Neon Genesis Evangelion left out!


6 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The New Evangelion Anime

  1. You bring up a good point but in my mind the Rebuilds aren’t really as developed as the original anime is, for instance the whole Rei arc and backstory isn’t utilised to the extent that it was in the original as is Asuka’s backstory etc. etc. That being said I do have to agree with you in terms of the Rebuilds just being fun to watch. The animation really is good.

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