Thought I’d Post These To Show

For a while now, people who follow me here and those who drop by know that I’m a gamer & have been for a lot of years, but I’ve only shown one or two gaming videos of the games I play. Well today, I thought starting a monthly thing, posting videos, showing me playing. Some of the vids will be of Soul Cal 5 matches, while one shows ho I use the PS3 controller.

The goal is to show people that I do play, so without further talk, the first three videos are below.

The cat girl creation in the video is from a book I’m attempting to complete. True, she’s not really vampire like there, but there is only so much I can do in creation.

This next video is another Soul Cal. 5 match, with another creation I made. I’ve went for a female Bruce Lee, just to see how it would look.

Last video for the week is a match between a player’s Princess Zelda against  the White Armor of Inferno.


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