Cleaning The Mental Closet 4: (Goals For 2015)

Hard to believe 2014’s about done with, hmm? Seems like yesterday we were welcoming it with so many goals and resolutions! Anyway, I know I’ve had resolutions that were made, but while some I saw through, others, I’ve been putting on the back burner yet again… However, in this post, I’d like to share some milestones I would like to reach! 🙂

First: I would love to get that new computer built, so this computer could be retired. As you have read, a build on you tube, under $700.00 has been researched and using a website, a mockup has been built, using some of the same specs. So after the R/C truck’s been paid off/bought, saving up for the parts will be next on my list!

Next goal would be to go outside, during the warm months more. While true, I went outside, running my hobby this year, I’ve felt like more time could be spent outdoors! 🙂 In 2015, every waking moment will be spent in the sun.

Next goal is personal, but seeing the girls/women that have played on my feelings and manipulated me, I haven’t been to sure I’ve wanted to try again. Well, I think this coming year, I’ll try meeting some nice girl, who knows, she might be my princess! 🙂

Also in 2015, my anime collection of dvds/blu-rays will be rebuilt! 🙂 Though the old Neon Genesis Evan. is priced out of this world on Amazon, (at $100.00+), I’m planning on getting the reboot. Yes, it’s lacking in some aspects, as someone told me the other day, which I agree, but it is reasonably priced on, so that site is where I’ll get the anime. While on this subject of anime &, they carry some of the old anime that were on in the 90s-2005. Series like .Hack Sign, Nadesico and more. True, those are old, but I’m going to buy em, among others! At some point, saving some money, so I might get to an anime convention in 2016 is on my to do list, because a vacation for me is WAY overdue!

That vampire novel that has been on the back burner, WILL be revisited, I’ve been going over paragrapghs in my head for it.:)

Finally: A few posts ago, the topic of me learning how to use a full Katana was discussed. Well to me, 2015 seems like the year to train with one. So, once I find one, I’ll buy it and start working out.


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