I’ll Be Glad When

I don’t want this to be viewed badly or like I’m a PC elitist, because I’m far from that. While I’ll admit that I grew up onΒ  Apple computers and games like Space Quest and the like, I switched to console gaming when the NES came out and I’ve been with a console gamer ever since.

Now with a PS3, which is used almost daily to game with my online friends, or watch Crackle, I’ve enjoyed it, but only found a hand full of games that I can play one handed. So, guess it doesn’t need saying that my games are limited, huh?

Lately however, gaming with people on the Playstation Network has gotten less fun by the day, making me not want to play people, other than friends. Just a few days ago, while playing Soul Cal. 5, a player came in my “Creations Only lobby, playing one of the characters, not a creation. Well, I was beating him fairly, but in the second round, he quits the match, leaving the room.

After, I message him… He replies, telling me I cheated, he hates us all etc. Boy, have people lost the sense of sportsmanship, since gaming online? I’d say yes, which has me saying that I can’t wait until I can leave console gaming for PC Gaming, because when the computer is done, it’ll be just me, myself and I playing computer games, none of this online VS. whiners crap!


Advice Wanted/Needed

In a few weeks, hopefully before Valentines Day, I’ll be able to retire this old computer with a new custom built gaming beast! After which, I’ll be leaving the console gaming scene, because PC Games are more adaptive to disabled gamers, like me, but on to the topic.

With that in mind, I’ve been on sites like Newegg, pricewatch, and others, pricing memory etc.attempting to plan the best attack, but I hit a wall. This is where I need input, & I hope you readers can assist me. Last year, round this time, I bought an old Athlon II x3 450 cpu, a motherboard, a Redeon 7770 graphics card, with a power supply cd/dvd rw I bought years ago, all that’s left is the eight gig memory hard drive and windows 7.

I’ve played on pricewatch a bit, putting together better board chip combos for gaming and I can get the fx 6300 CPU a motherboard,w/ an 8 gig ram stick for under $320.00. Should I get that deal or finish getting parts for the old Athlon II board?

Advice welcome.

Cleaning The Mental Closet 5:

Sighs, so much has gone on since my last post that I would like to sum it up in one of these cleanings. First off, the reason for the long wait between posts. I have noticed that our cable modem had been slow lately, random pages timing out etc. Well, last week, it only let me go to google and gmail, until last Friday when it crapped completely.

Yesterday, Comcast came an put in a new one, it worked, until I got sick in the bathroom, letting my nephew to ram my wheelchair into my computer tower, which made the modem fall, breaking it. Called em back, getting them to come out today, now fixed again.

I do not wish to jeux myself, but I’ve been writing a story, designed around a character I’ve made in Soul Cal. 5. as a exercise, seeing if my block is lifting. Must say, so far it is going well, I think.Sure, there were a few days where I poked at it, producing, what I thought was crap, but I think lack of sleep does it. So far, the trial’s good, but let me say , the story isn’t apart of my book, it’s a hentai piece. Yes, I said hentai, sue me! πŸ™‚

Something Writing Related!!

In keeping with the hope that the block that kept my writing juices from flowing with my book is going away, I thought it’d be alright to show the characters from my vampire novel! ^_^ Before getting any further, please note that I’m no artist, a character creator in Soul Cal. 5 helped bring the characters to life, (in the game at least). Plus, they don’t look very vampire like, I know, but adding fangs in the mouths is hard to do.

These are just mock ups of the four main characters. To start off, we have Blackrose below.


Luckily a talented artist drew her for me a couple years ago, so I had some reference to go by. In game, they had cat ears, but the Elf ears look closer to the artist picture. Before it slips my mind, this is the evil cold Blackrose, before her heart warmed.

Next we have the sometimes not so series, but series when needed, Xavior.

Xavior (Human)

I have no drawing of him, only what’s in my head, and letting that be my guide, he came out in the game. Sure, I would’ve liked more detail, but I think he came out good.

Now Asuka, (one of Blackrose and Xavior’s daughters). Before posting her, let me say that creating her took me back to science class, because I needed to combine traits from both Blackrose and Xavior and figure out how she might look. It was fun though!! πŸ™‚

Asuka D'Cara

Last, but certainly not least, there is Blackrose & Xavior’s black sheep daughter, Kasha. For her, I saw a not good, but not totally evil character. She’s like struggling to define herself, if that makes sense.

Kasha D'Cara

Cleaning The Mental Closet 4:

It has been a few days since my last post, and I’m sorry for that, but I’ve been busy with finishing this lemon’s, (computer’s reinstall). As of right now, I’ve got it to a point where I can use it again. However, using the computer for online shopping is something I’d rather hold off on, at least until the new computer is finish, which hopefully will be in a few weeks.

Anyway, I want to take time to let people know what’s new, what changes I’ve made to heal a friendship etc. Let me begin with the friendship healing. Before the new year, a post was written on how some friends of mine seemed like family then my actual family, but I screwed it up by not listening to them, which lead to the rip between us. Well, an email ha been sent to them, apologizing for what was said.

Last week, much to my surprise, they answered back, also surprised to hear from me too. As of now, all I’m willing to say is we are talking, and that’s good sign. I hope this is a step towards healing.

As for other things…. Writing them and in this blog has kind of gotten the flame lit to begin on my book again, which I’m happy to say that I’ve began constructing paragraph structures in my mind. Hopefully this trend will continue, giving me the push I need to begin where I left off writing.

After the computer’s built & running great, my plan is to start buying anime, starting with Full Metal Panic, then Ellfen Lied. Every few months, after saving a few hundred bucks, more anime will be bought. I know my collection won’t be what it was, but I can try, right?

Paying on my new R/C truck is going good as well! In fact, I’m hoping to pay it off in Feb., so I’ll have it once the weather turns nice! I can’t wait to be outside running my two R/Cs, letting the stress melt away!

The Sooner The Better

Well this week hasn’t been great for me, & it’s only Wednesday. After getting Monday’s blog post up, my computer started acting funky, freezing. All of a sudden, it blue screened and shut down. I’ve tried to restart the bloody thing, to no avail.What I found out, after pulling my hair out, yelling at the computer and cursing it, is that the boot file got corrupted some how!

What needed to be done is repair the file, but I took it further and formatted my drive and redoing windows. This wasn’t what I wanted to do, because the long process of updates etc. However, it had to be done, so my night ended at 4:30am. Though I’m back, some programs, like my writing program, OpenOffice still need to be downloaded.

When next month hit, money will be diverted so the last of the new computer parts can be bought, & the new computer will be built. This can’t come soon enough for me, because the computer here is on it’s last leg!

Grown Tired Of Watching The WWE

In case it wasn’t said before, I liked watching WWE ever since I was eight years old. Sure, I knew it was scripted and fake, but still it drew me in weekly. Even through my teens, twenties and up until now, WWE Raw & Smack Down were watched every week, but things have changed.

Lately, I’ve been sick of the plots, rivalry and the storylines of the shows. I mean, about all the wrestlers have some lame beef with something and I’m sick of it! Perhaps I’m growing to old for it, I’m not sure, all I know that for me, WWE grew stale. Whoever writes the material needs a swift kick in the teeth, but I think I’ve had enough of it.

So, how will I spent Monday and Friday nights? I may dedicate Monday nights to Anime, once I get enough anime on dvd and Blu-ray. Fridays, that I’m not sure of yet, maybe extra sword practice.