Grown Tired Of Watching The WWE

In case it wasn’t said before, I liked watching WWE ever since I was eight years old. Sure, I knew it was scripted and fake, but still it drew me in weekly. Even through my teens, twenties and up until now, WWE Raw & Smack Down were watched every week, but things have changed.

Lately, I’ve been sick of the plots, rivalry and the storylines of the shows. I mean, about all the wrestlers have some lame beef with something and I’m sick of it! Perhaps I’m growing to old for it, I’m not sure, all I know that for me, WWE grew stale. Whoever writes the material needs a swift kick in the teeth, but I think I’ve had enough of it.

So, how will I spent Monday and Friday nights? I may dedicate Monday nights to Anime, once I get enough anime on dvd and Blu-ray. Fridays, that I’m not sure of yet, maybe extra sword practice.


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