Something Writing Related!!

In keeping with the hope that the block that kept my writing juices from flowing with my book is going away, I thought it’d be alright to show the characters from my vampire novel! ^_^ Before getting any further, please note that I’m no artist, a character creator in Soul Cal. 5 helped bring the characters to life, (in the game at least). Plus, they don’t look very vampire like, I know, but adding fangs in the mouths is hard to do.

These are just mock ups of the four main characters. To start off, we have Blackrose below.


Luckily a talented artist drew her for me a couple years ago, so I had some reference to go by. In game, they had cat ears, but the Elf ears look closer to the artist picture. Before it slips my mind, this is the evil cold Blackrose, before her heart warmed.

Next we have the sometimes not so series, but series when needed, Xavior.

Xavior (Human)

I have no drawing of him, only what’s in my head, and letting that be my guide, he came out in the game. Sure, I would’ve liked more detail, but I think he came out good.

Now Asuka, (one of Blackrose and Xavior’s daughters). Before posting her, let me say that creating her took me back to science class, because I needed to combine traits from both Blackrose and Xavior and figure out how she might look. It was fun though!! 🙂

Asuka D'Cara

Last, but certainly not least, there is Blackrose & Xavior’s black sheep daughter, Kasha. For her, I saw a not good, but not totally evil character. She’s like struggling to define herself, if that makes sense.

Kasha D'Cara


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