Cleaning The Mental Closet 5:

Sighs, so much has gone on since my last post that I would like to sum it up in one of these cleanings. First off, the reason for the long wait between posts. I have noticed that our cable modem had been slow lately, random pages timing out etc. Well, last week, it only let me go to google and gmail, until last Friday when it crapped completely.

Yesterday, Comcast came an put in a new one, it worked, until I got sick in the bathroom, letting my nephew to ram my wheelchair into my computer tower, which made the modem fall, breaking it. Called em back, getting them to come out today, now fixed again.

I do not wish to jeux myself, but I’ve been writing a story, designed around a character I’ve made in Soul Cal. 5. as a exercise, seeing if my block is lifting. Must say, so far it is going well, I think.Sure, there were a few days where I poked at it, producing, what I thought was crap, but I think lack of sleep does it. So far, the trial’s good, but let me say , the story isn’t apart of my book, it’s a hentai piece. Yes, I said hentai, sue me! 🙂


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