Advice Wanted/Needed

In a few weeks, hopefully before Valentines Day, I’ll be able to retire this old computer with a new custom built gaming beast! After which, I’ll be leaving the console gaming scene, because PC Games are more adaptive to disabled gamers, like me, but on to the topic.

With that in mind, I’ve been on sites like Newegg, pricewatch, and others, pricing memory etc.attempting to plan the best attack, but I hit a wall. This is where I need input, & I hope you readers can assist me. Last year, round this time, I bought an old Athlon II x3 450 cpu, a motherboard, a Redeon 7770 graphics card, with a power supply cd/dvd rw I bought years ago, all that’s left is the eight gig memory hard drive and windows 7.

I’ve played on pricewatch a bit, putting together better board chip combos for gaming and I can get the fx 6300 CPU a motherboard,w/ an 8 gig ram stick for under $320.00. Should I get that deal or finish getting parts for the old Athlon II board?

Advice welcome.


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