I’ll Be Glad When

I don’t want this to be viewed badly or like I’m a PC elitist, because I’m far from that. While I’ll admit that I grew up on  Apple computers and games like Space Quest and the like, I switched to console gaming when the NES came out and I’ve been with a console gamer ever since.

Now with a PS3, which is used almost daily to game with my online friends, or watch Crackle, I’ve enjoyed it, but only found a hand full of games that I can play one handed. So, guess it doesn’t need saying that my games are limited, huh?

Lately however, gaming with people on the Playstation Network has gotten less fun by the day, making me not want to play people, other than friends. Just a few days ago, while playing Soul Cal. 5, a player came in my “Creations Only lobby, playing one of the characters, not a creation. Well, I was beating him fairly, but in the second round, he quits the match, leaving the room.

After, I message him… He replies, telling me I cheated, he hates us all etc. Boy, have people lost the sense of sportsmanship, since gaming online? I’d say yes, which has me saying that I can’t wait until I can leave console gaming for PC Gaming, because when the computer is done, it’ll be just me, myself and I playing computer games, none of this online VS. whiners crap!


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