Update On Things

It has been a while since my last entry, but this time I have a legit excuse. As people know, I’ve been expericing problems with my old computer, while trying to build a new tower. Well, a few weeks ago, the old computer died & didn’t want to reformat the drive, so I take it that the hard drive’s old.

All is not lost though. Last Saturday, using my PS3, I’ve ordered all the parts for the new computer, which will be here soon. After the parts get here, it shouldn’t be long before I’ll be back. Right now, I’m using my nephew’s laptop, but I don’t want to relay on it too much!


Video Of The Month

Yes I started this series in December of last year and it has slipped my mind until now, my deepest apologizes, Every month, or in this case, the months that I remember to post these, I will be posting videos of various ps3 games I’ve played and videos showing how I use the controller.

The video below shows how I utilize the top shoulder buttons on the controller, which I’ve adapted well too. It does need to be said that the game I’m playing in the video is fully mappable, meaning any function can be set to any button on the PS3 controller. Yes, it is me talking in the beginning.

Enjoy! 🙂