Picture Of My Four Wheeled Pride & Joy


Above is my bone stock 2WD Traxxas Stampede, project name Venom, (might change the name). As it sits right now, the only thing I had the hobby shop do to it is replace the stock reciever with my tactic TTX404 Six channel radio, because I couldn’t use the pistol grip controller.

Though the Tactic radio is more commonly used in radio controlled planes and choppers, the guys at the local hobby shop converted it for land use. After all, I used that radio  system in the 1/16 Slash.

Now, for the direction I’d like to take the truck, upgrade wise. Well, figuring I’d like to take it out and bash, I’m going to get RPM A-arms, (front/back). Upgrade the stock spur gear to an industrial strength, (or better), wheels and Pro-line tires, (thinking mashers or the trenchers). But that’s not all I’ll do, oh no! 🙂

The stock shocks will need to go, along with the springs! I’ll try to have the hobby shop try lowering the body, because that gap between the body & chassis is oi. Planning on buying a 1980s chevy body, but not sure of the paint scheme yet! ^_^

Last but not least, as a Winter project, I’d like to put a brushless system in, and hype it up to 40mph. Yes I’m insane, so? 🙂


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