Stampede (Venom) Update, My Afternoon R/Cing & Plans For Winter Upgrades


It has been a few weeks coming, but couldn’t get the picture until now. Above sits my Traxxas Stampede, code named: Venom with the RPM front bumper. The front A Arms are on the truck, but my camera girl didn’t let me turn the truck around, before taking the shot. To me, with the new parts on, the truck looks better & tougher as heck!

Speaking of tougher, I was out all afternoon, running, jumping and crashed it into a downed rain gutter, & it held up! This 2WD Stampede’ like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going, going and going! I already have two packs cooking, (charging) for tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

Some bad news here though. Due to life, the rest of the upgrades will need to get done over the off season, which is okay with me. My plan is to have Venom sent into the hobby shop in September/October and spent the Winter getting pampered with back A Arms, springs, shocks, a Castle Creations brushless system, the whole nine! 🙂

Yeah, to some, it might seem like I’m going overboard with this truck, but meh, who cares? I be having a blast! 🙂


World of Warcraft Update

Well, I guess being away from the game for, gods, I don’t know, five years? me forgetting my password, the answer to my secret question & everything was bound to happen. Meh, hate the fact that my memory isn’t like an elephant’s anymore lol. I tried requesting support from Blizzard, but got nowhere fast, so I gave up.

What am I going to do, you ask? Simple! 🙂 After I buy the game discs, I’m gonna setup a new battlenet account and make a point to write the password down, so I don’t forget! I know I’ll be a Level 1 whatever race I pick, but can’t be helped

RedFlags When It Comes To Meeting Online: My Recent Story….

Before starting this, let me say normally my personal life, dating wise, is kept out of this blog, but talking to a friend yesterday made me think this might be a good topic. That being said, let’s begin!

Most who know me, understand that because of my Cerebral Palsy, & how my speech is affected, finding a woman and dating her is hard for me. In the past,if I even talked to a girl, she would either ask if I was drunk, or laugh. Then years ago, (2006-06), meeting women through the web was attempted, with little luck. I found women who only wanted to lie, play mind games or whatever, making me put up walls.

And now to the meat of this post. When I play a game on Playstation Network with friends, dating is the furthest thing from my mind. However, some months ago, some girl I played Soul Cal. 5 with came onto me, saying I talked to her civil etc. etc. etc. she wants to be with me! At first, I went, “Uh yeah right, we don’t even know each other.” Yet, she persisted and added me.

Overtime, getting to know her, (or trying too), people I didn’t know started hounding me, asking twenty questions about her, even telling me to stay away from her. When I asked about it, she replied: “Oh, it’s my brother, don’t worry baby.” I highly doubt it was her bro! Redflag number 1. The second came in the form of her status message. One day, I see “I love you Frank!” so I asked who Frank was. Her answer? “You’re frank babe!” Weird right? It gets weirder! When I tell her that’s not my name, her answer was, “Oh I know, but I wish it was!”

In short, I’m at the stage I WANT to stay single, because the games women have put me through. Not to mention, having to hear what my nephew and blondie do.

If anyone has any advice, input or anything, feel free to comment.

Project Venom Update Version 2.0

Some good topics came to mind in the last few days or so, but though I’d start with this one! 🙂 If anyone read my last post about my Traxxas Stampede 2WD truck, then you know that I’ve sent it to the local hobby shop for it’s first set of upgrades. Well, even though I messed up & told the guy to do less than I thought I told him, it works. 😛

What parts were upgraded to begin the truck’s transformation? Originally, the bumper and front/rear A-Arms were due to be changed, but thanks to a brainfart, apparently I told the guy just do the front bumper and front A-Arms, which is fine. Looking at the truck, seeing it out driving, which is all I’ve done since getting it home last Wednesday, Venom looks meaner, the start of a true basher! 🙂

Yep, you know a need to “test” the now upgraded truck was burning in me, making me drool. So, throwing caution out the window, a few jumps off of curbs were done & yes I was careful. No damage was done to the truck,which had me smiling! Even an unintended smack into a car, didn’t break a thing, so I think the R/C has what it takes to become a basher!

Though just started, it is my opinion that the RPM parts will serve my Stampede well, & help it stand out, (or I hope they will)!

Project Venem Update

Hope those of you who celebrate the 4th of July had a good one and got to barbecue or went somewhere. Me, I just had a peaceful time home, without my nephew, or his kids and kicked back, driving my truck. Yes, it may sound like I dislike kids, & you’re not to far off, kids stress me out. But enough of that, on to the point!

Yesterday, (Sunday), my 2wd Stampede, codenamed: Project Venom was taken to the hobby shop for it’s first set of upgrades. Though they were about to close and couldn’t work on it then, they kept it to do the upgrade this week, which is okay with me. 🙂 What am I having done first? Well, after talking with the guy I trust to work on my R/Cs, the decision was made to get the blue RPM bumper and A-arms put on first.

In a month or two, after saving some, I’ll have the hobby shop do the steering knuckle and the rest of the upgrades. What I want the truck to be is a tougher beast that can take hits, without breaking. Sure, in stock form, it hasn’t broken a part yet, which for all I’ve driven it, I’m happy it hasn’t. However, that said, I haven’t really been jumping, flipping or crashing it, so guess you can say I’ve been kind to the truck!