Project Venem Update

Hope those of you who celebrate the 4th of July had a good one and got to barbecue or went somewhere. Me, I just had a peaceful time home, without my nephew, or his kids and kicked back, driving my truck. Yes, it may sound like I dislike kids, & you’re not to far off, kids stress me out. But enough of that, on to the point!

Yesterday, (Sunday), my 2wd Stampede, codenamed: Project Venom was taken to the hobby shop for it’s first set of upgrades. Though they were about to close and couldn’t work on it then, they kept it to do the upgrade this week, which is okay with me. 🙂 What am I having done first? Well, after talking with the guy I trust to work on my R/Cs, the decision was made to get the blue RPM bumper and A-arms put on first.

In a month or two, after saving some, I’ll have the hobby shop do the steering knuckle and the rest of the upgrades. What I want the truck to be is a tougher beast that can take hits, without breaking. Sure, in stock form, it hasn’t broken a part yet, which for all I’ve driven it, I’m happy it hasn’t. However, that said, I haven’t really been jumping, flipping or crashing it, so guess you can say I’ve been kind to the truck!


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