Project Venom Update Version 2.0

Some good topics came to mind in the last few days or so, but though I’d start with this one! 🙂 If anyone read my last post about my Traxxas Stampede 2WD truck, then you know that I’ve sent it to the local hobby shop for it’s first set of upgrades. Well, even though I messed up & told the guy to do less than I thought I told him, it works. 😛

What parts were upgraded to begin the truck’s transformation? Originally, the bumper and front/rear A-Arms were due to be changed, but thanks to a brainfart, apparently I told the guy just do the front bumper and front A-Arms, which is fine. Looking at the truck, seeing it out driving, which is all I’ve done since getting it home last Wednesday, Venom looks meaner, the start of a true basher! 🙂

Yep, you know a need to “test” the now upgraded truck was burning in me, making me drool. So, throwing caution out the window, a few jumps off of curbs were done & yes I was careful. No damage was done to the truck,which had me smiling! Even an unintended smack into a car, didn’t break a thing, so I think the R/C has what it takes to become a basher!

Though just started, it is my opinion that the RPM parts will serve my Stampede well, & help it stand out, (or I hope they will)!


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