Stampede (Venom) Update, My Afternoon R/Cing & Plans For Winter Upgrades


It has been a few weeks coming, but couldn’t get the picture until now. Above sits my Traxxas Stampede, code named: Venom with the RPM front bumper. The front A Arms are on the truck, but my camera girl didn’t let me turn the truck around, before taking the shot. To me, with the new parts on, the truck looks better & tougher as heck!

Speaking of tougher, I was out all afternoon, running, jumping and crashed it into a downed rain gutter, & it held up! This 2WD Stampede’ like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going, going and going! I already have two packs cooking, (charging) for tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

Some bad news here though. Due to life, the rest of the upgrades will need to get done over the off season, which is okay with me. My plan is to have Venom sent into the hobby shop in September/October and spent the Winter getting pampered with back A Arms, springs, shocks, a Castle Creations brushless system, the whole nine! 🙂

Yeah, to some, it might seem like I’m going overboard with this truck, but meh, who cares? I be having a blast! 🙂


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