Cleaning The Mind #3: Hentai Topic, Meet The Cast

Before starting, let me say I had another topic for this week planned, but didn’t know how people would receive it, so I put it in the back for now. Having said that, time to begin!

Some of you old followers know I write when the mood hits me, but for you new followers, this maybe a treat. For the past few weekends, (sometimes on weekdays, if I’m awake enough), I’ve been at work finishing a Hentai story. This one I can’t sell or make money from, due to me using a video game babe, but after I finish her final stories, I’m devoting my juices to do Original pieces. And yes, my vampire novel as well.

So for this topic, I thought it’d be fun to show the characters I’ve created for my original stories & explain they’re motiva6ions. Here’s the first girl: Aki Yoshira.

Aki Yoshira

My idea for her I guess came from years of to much anime, because I wanted a mousy, but sexy repressed college lab girl, and I think she fits that. About her story. It started as a test to see if I could design an original plot around one of my creations. Well, it worked and I’m about done with Chapter 1.

The second character came to light because of wanting to create an elf woman, but didn’t want to create an elf that someone else created. With that said, enter Skya:


Perhaps I went to far on her boob sizes, but eh, I’m a guy! Haven’t planned much of her story as yet, but ideas are being tossed around, making me wanna start on her piece. All I have to say is she is in the top three creations I play as in SC5, she’s HOT! 😛

Leaving Skya, this next character will be part of a somewhat dark plot, a story some may not like, because she’ll die. Meet Ashley:


Went with the office secretary look with her, or maybe I like blondes with glasses. lol 🙂 In any case, I think she turned out well. I haven’t really worked on her plot yet, but as I said, a few might not like it!

This next character has a guest appearance in thepiece I’m writing with the video game chick as her friend, lover, protector an guide. Meet Betty Lee:

Betty Lee

Betty’s one creation I’ve had on my roster since SC5 came out, and though she’s rarely used, I like her. 🙂 In the story she guest stars in, Betty’s husband was murdered, & at the end, she will find out her husband’s been reborn in the world I set her in, but she’ll have to find him. I think for her story I’ll continue this idea.

And finally, the last girl I’m doing a story on, an eighteen, nineteen year old-ish cat girl, Deadra.


Funny enough, I created her because of my love of cat girls, and wanted to put her into a story! 🙂 Even have some plot in mind that seems good.

There you have it, the cast of characters I’m gonna write about. However, though they are part of the same world, none will interact with each other. I’d like em to have their own separate story. As always with all my posts, I’d like feedback! So if you would like to talk about this topic, or ask questions about this topic, please feel free to drop a comment, email, hell smoke signal me! 🙂


Cleaning The Mind #2: Anime Topics

Last week’s post had me so motivated that I began a list of weekly topics, because I would like to continue this series and discuss the topics with people, if possible. With that being said, let’s start! 🙂

As a few of you may know by reading this blog, or know me personally, you know I’m deeply into the anime scene! However, after a stupid mistake trusting a bad caregiver, who moved me from city to city, while she chased guys she met online, I lost all my anime collection. But there’s always light at the end of a dark road, no?

On Labor Day, the drive to collect anime again finally planted it’s foot upside my brain, having me say screw it and had me shop around for deals on anime dvds. At first, I was about to buy from, but in my opinion, they overprice a few of their items. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy a few of the series on my want list from them, but I wasn’t about to pay the price they wanted for the complete Full Metal Panic on Blu-ray.

My search for deals lead me to my fallback point, Amazon, where they had said series for HALF of what Rightstuf wanted, so I grabbed it, and with it, M.S. Nadesico. The cost? Well under $100.00, which makes me wanna buy two series a month, if it’s under that much, cause damn, ya can’t beat it! 🙂

The two series arrived, having me smiling my butt off! So I got in front of my PS3, popped Full Metal Panic disc 1 in and watched it. Please note: I’ve had the dvd box set of this, so to me, it was like reconnecting with an old friend! Watching it again had me lmao at the same parts, (almost through most of the series). There were some somber moments, but that’s par for any anime, I think. 🙂

I finished the who series last week, & I must say, if you like Mech battles, mixed in with comedy, grab this gem, you won’t regret it!! As for M.S. Nadesico: I started that Friday and loving it! It’s funnier with the Japanese cast, and I just finished disc two of seven last night! 🙂

Oh, it feels great to actually be able to collect anime again. For to long, I’ve been watching the edited anime they have on Toonami that made me start twitching, lol. 🙂 It’s nice to watch unedited goodness again!

Cleaning The Mind #1: Plan For Future Posts

It is my hope to keep those who do read my lil piece of wordpress here updated on things I’m trying to do or have accomplished, either weekly or bi-weekly. Yes, I might’ve said that before, but maybe now that I’ve cut down on something, (more on that in this post), I should be able to do more. Without delay, let’s begin.

Last week wasn’t my week at all, and without going into detail, my home life didn’t help matters. In fact they made it somewhat worse. But now, I’m feeling somewhat myself, and can function. So here we are. the first post of this series.

To start, I suppose it’d be fitting to say what was cut down on. Over the weekend, but mostly last night, the choice was made to stop playing SC5 for a bit, due to drama and stress two of my so called friends cause, and yes, she will be removed! That whole thing makes me wanna go ahead an buy W.o.W & other games from Amazon.

In coming weeks, topics will range from my hentai stories, yes there’s that word again, to anime. Grab a soda,  your reading glasses, because there’s more to come!

Cleaning Out The Mental Closet # ?

Yeah I know, it has been a long stretch since I’ve blogged about topic & please forgive that, but I have no excuse other then issues at home, on the net, ETC. Most of which, I’ll talk about here, since I’m attempting a mental clean out.

Let me start with some news. Thanks to some reading from my adopted brother, (you know who you are if you are reading this), I’ve gotten motivated to complete a hental Original Story that I began a long time ago. Yes you read this right, I said Hentai people! What, you thought I was a Monk? 🙂 But all jokes aside, thank you Adrian for giving me my drive to see what I could write.

Now the actual cleansing. For weeks now, my days have been consisting of getting up, getting on the PS3, gaming/raging and going to bed very late, at times at 5 AM. Rinse repeat. That isn’t good, I know, but I’ve been “Off” as of late. Last night was the only decent time, (2AM) that I ripped myself away from the game & went to bed. I’d like to do this every night, because screw psn and a few of my so called friends on there.

Not every friend that is on my ps friend list is bad, some treat me respectfully enough, but for those few, there are a couple BAKA people who just plain don’t give a lick about fairness. Before going into details, let me say that I have the utmost respect for Japan and the Japanese people and culture. Even thought about going through a pen pal program to meet people from Japan. With that said however, a few Japanese gamer’s that are on the PS3 can really suck the fun from a game.

One such player is on my friends list! I mean it’s Russian Roulette with her. If I play Soul Caliber 5 with her, & get a few wins off her, she will say “she’s just warming up.” and would go try hard on my ass to win at any cost, until I get mad. She knows my secret, that I only have one good hand & cannot do many of the Critical moves, but it is like she doesn’t give a crap. With her, it’s try hard, spam spam, critical edge. Other times, if I play my best, she will say I’m not trying hard. Um I’m trying my best. And there are times I beat her, she’ll get upset and leave the room.

Final thing on this topic. Not to long ago, a player from Japan I’ve played & beaten called me a idiot spammer then left. I attempted moves she countered, I did basic techniques to keep her guessing. If that is wrong, kill me!

Final topic, home life. It would seem that getting peace and quiet around the house is impossible. I have to keep the fan on high to drown out my nephew’s girlfriend’s noises when they….. And the three year old is getting on my nerves, lying. Just weeks ago, he was climbing on my chair and told the sitter I let him do it. I pinned him against the wall, ready to smack him, but the sitter wouldn’t let me.

Finally, even I can’t be alone in the bathroom, because Ms. Princess walks in on me every five seconds. Last week, she did that, and I lost my temper. I mean it’s bullshit!