Cleaning The Mind #1: Plan For Future Posts

It is my hope to keep those who do read my lil piece of wordpress here updated on things I’m trying to do or have accomplished, either weekly or bi-weekly. Yes, I might’ve said that before, but maybe now that I’ve cut down on something, (more on that in this post), I should be able to do more. Without delay, let’s begin.

Last week wasn’t my week at all, and without going into detail, my home life didn’t help matters. In fact they made it somewhat worse. But now, I’m feeling somewhat myself, and can function. So here we are. the first post of this series.

To start, I suppose it’d be fitting to say what was cut down on. Over the weekend, but mostly last night, the choice was made to stop playing SC5 for a bit, due to drama and stress two of my so called friends cause, and yes, she will be removed! That whole thing makes me wanna go ahead an buy W.o.W & other games from Amazon.

In coming weeks, topics will range from my hentai stories, yes there’s that word again, to anime. Grab a soda,  your reading glasses, because there’s more to come!


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