Cleaning The Mind Topic #4: R/C Truck Stuff

Sorry for being a day late with this, but I was to dead tired to write anything yesterday. With that said, let’s start! As some may have read that I’ve wanted to add upgrades to my 2WD Traxxas Stampede all Summer, but only managed to get the front RPM bumper and A-Arms put on, because I didn’t wanna go to long without my baby! 🙂

And before going further, let me sau that the truck is pretty good bone stock! I’ve put it through hell & it didn’t break at all. Sure, minor issues, like the motor moving away from the gears, the esc got deprogrammed happened, but it was fixed easily enough, & nothing broke on the truck!

Now that he RC season’s pretty much done for me at least, because I don’t dig going out in the Fall winds, Winter snow to run a R/C, I’ve had my truck taken in to the hobby shop to get overhauled over the Winter. What will be done to it? Basically everything!

Gonna have the shop complete the blue RPM upgrades, getting a Castle Creations brushless system put in, Pro-Line Trencher tires, a new transmitter/receiver, (old one has seen better days). A stronger spur gear will be added, along with body clip holders, because, no matter how hard I try, they get lost when out ripping it up!. I’m getting two new hump battery packs and body clips!

By next spring, my Stampede will be styling & able to go 40mph! Two items that worry me though: At that speed, I hope I’m able to handle it, and hope the cops don’t pull me over! 😛

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