Cleaning The Mind Topic #5: Anime Review: Martian Successor Nadesico

For the last few weeks, the nights were spent binge watching some anime greats, (In my opinion, at least), that I bought in August. First, the “Complete series” of Full Metal Panic was viewed and enjoyed! Sure, it’s a few years old now, but still good, and should be on a anime watcher’s list! 🙂 After that series was watched, I can’t remember if I took a break before watching the next series.

I jumped into Martian Successor Nadesisco that week, and though I owned some of this on video back in 2001? it felt good to watch the complete series in subtitled form without twitching, and it is funnier with the Japanese cast. As I watched it, I laughed at the same parts I did back then, and watching Nadesico subbed, the series made more sense to me.

Nadesico: The Motion Picture however, well hurt my brain. Seriously, my mind shorted out for a while after watching it, and I STILL don’t get parts of it, so I will not try giving a summary, but I’ll say watch it. The OVA? I killed it, (watched it) last week and it seemed cool. All it was, was the anime Akito was watching in the Nadesico TV series, which was a nice touch!

Now, since I love the M.S. Nadesico series from 2001 until today, I gotthe idea to create one of the characters, (seen below), but afraid I may goof up, my friend Rave_TheAssassin helped a lot, and to him, I give a huge THANK YOU!


What we did was create Ruri Hoshino fro, this picture here. He created her then gave me the formula to create her on my system. Must say, she looks soot on, of course I tweaked the voice to get it similar to how she sounds in the anime. After watching the video below, you be the judge.


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