Weekly Topic #6: Been Down For A while

Sorry for not posting the last week, but things haven’t been going the way I expected, but eh, when life gets ya down, you get back up. While you’d think I was depressed, in a way you’re right, however it wasn’t what you might expect.

Growing up, when I first got an electric wheelchair, it had breakdowns, like anything, but footrests were a major break point. It seemed like every week they’d break under the pressure I’d put on them, having my mom to meet with the company Rep. who blamed me of being to rough with the chair. The issue persisted until we went to a family friend, & he said the steel was so low grade that anything would break em. He rebuilt them, using thicker steel, and I never broke those again!

Now to the present. When stressed, mad or whatever, my legs, (mostly my right) will push on the footrest, breaking it. This was what happen last week, the day after my chair repair person was in town. Oh, I called him and told him of the break, but it happened right when I didn’t want it too. So from last Thursday to yesterday, I couldn’t balance myself, had to prop my foot up on a cloths basket, which made using the computer and gaming less than fun.

If the guy who rebuilt the first set of footrests was still around, I’d ask him if he’d redo these, because I’ve broken at least fifteen to twenty steel bolts and two braces. Yes, I’ve kept track!

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