Weekly Topic #10: Still Writing Strong, & Related Writing Topics

It’s Monday, so time for another weekly topic, & the way I’m feeling, I wanna write up a storm! Due to me having little to no concept of time, I lost track of when the writing floodgate was unblocked, but its all good. Yes, I’m happy to report the gates are still open, and the muses are throwing ideas at me like, well, like beef jerky! (awwww, drools).


This weekend, I hit chapter two of my original hentai series, Another Calling rather hard, hammering out paragraph after paragraph of good content, which had me looking/plotting chapter three. I cannot see how long this series will be, as I’m just letting the words and ideas flow through me, but I do have a twist and ending in mind, so yeah. After this series, I can’t decide if my ninja cat girl Deadra’s or Skya’s series will be started in the hentai category, because there’s a last story with a video game babe I’d like to get underway.


With that point of this topic out of the way, let’s talk about the novel. You didn’t think I’d forget about my pride and joy did you? A lot of work went into the chapter a few days before Thanksgiving, and I can’t be happier with that! Sure, I should end the chapter soon &  begin the fifth, but I don’t wanna end it mid-battle, I rather hate cliffhangers.


So if I may, (and seeing that I’d like to have interaction with readers here), let me pose a question: As it stands, with Blackrose helping the main male character, chapter four’s seven to nine pages long. My question is: Is there a cap on how many pages a chapter should be?




First Few Week Of PC Gaming

While this topic might be overdue, there’s a good reason for why I’ve waited to write it. I wanted to hold off & see how I’d adapted to playing games on PC, and while computer games are a far cry from the games on the Apple II that I grew up on, (insert age joke here), I’m adapting okay.


While more often than not mistakes are made, because I can’t move as fast as most two handed PC gamer, I am learning how to work around the game, (Crysis 2). Yeah,I bought that game on Steam as fast as I could, and it plays well on my beast! Even tossing around having my video card record game play, but once I feel I’m better.


But it is so nice not having some on PSN tell me I’mgarbage, or make me rage quit. I mean, sure I get mad when I die, and quit, but I try again until I pass the part that had me snagged.

WeeklyTopic #10: Something Writing Related

Since I feel so good about my Writers Block being gone, I thought I’d continue rolling with topic about writing. Before doing so, please let me say hello to those who just started following this little blog of mine, & fill you in on me and my work.


I’m a disabled ex console gamer that has lived in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy all my life, but I’ve never let my disability define me. I’ve been lucky enough to train in martial arts, been to visit friends out of state, and more! However, there are more than a few people who don’t wish to look past the chair, my speech slur, treating me like I have no mind, which pisses me off.


Anyway, about my works. Well, my fingers are in two pies, writing erotic stories and the vampire novel that I came back to, after years of blockage. Both the erotic series and the novel are coming along really well, at least, in my eyes they are.


In this post, I’d like to talk a bit how I “try” developing a new character for either series. As in the post on how my vampire cat girl came to be, it took me years of revamping her to get her the way I see her now. With that said, my ex girlfriend and I use to Role play over the net, using characters we created, I used Blackrose and her troop, but as I wanted to branch out and add new characters, Deadra or my elf girl Skya, (both characters below), the ex would either make them a heartless cold witch, or just say she hated the character.








What I found, and still find a riot is the fact that she can redo her characters, having them be the same thing, “Queen of the Gods”  & have them be a recording artist, the same thing her old characters were, which gets old. Guess that’s the reason why I rarely Role Play anymore.

Floodgates Are Opening

Yes, here is another non-Monday update, but this has me so excited that I couldn’t hold it in! Something wonderful happened yesterday, something that had me go back and add to the chapter of the vampire novel I’m writing!


After some odd years of Writer’s Block and picking at the chapter, adding not much of anything, the floodgates have been open again, having the words flow last night! It felt great to be in the zone, pumping out goodness and feeling like Blackrose is here with me after so long. I really think I needed to tell myself to cancel the noise out and focus on writing, which last night, I hit hard!


Seriously, the words were going strong until late, making me have to rip myself away so I could sleep. After I read more of my brother’s work, I may get back into my groove and crank out more of Chapter IV, because without giving out spoilers, I’ll just say it is getting good! Now here’s a question for ya, because I’d like to interact with other bloggers, make connections with writers and get feedback whenever possible.


Once all the chapters are complete and edited, T’s are crossed I’s dotted, I’m debating on putting the first book on an old Fictionpress account I’ve had for a sneak peak. How many of you would like to read the alpha of the book? Please comment below or those who have it, email me.

How I Built Blackrose, (My Cat Vampire Character)

It is Thursday, I know, but this topic came to mind as I read a post by one of my Subscribers, and while this may not be apart of her topic, it had me wanting to blog about this.


In 2004, while living with a woman who was mentally abusive, and her boyfriend, I was depressed beyond belief. I mean it, if I went to my Anime club meetings or out to the mall, even to sleep, they’d get me up, bitching at what I did or didn’t do. Got to a point where ending my life seemed like the only way for peace. However, as I held my short sword, ready to unsheath it to do the deed, Blackrose “woke up” and stopped me. Sure, you might say I’m nuts for saying my vampire character woke up to stop me from myself, but that’s what I feel set my head on straight.


After that, ideas of how she looks, her life story etc. poured in, (her image below).kflanders_blackrose


(I hired a talented artist to draw her).


After the roommates were out of my life, I started to really think of Blackrose as more then a Muse, but as a guide, letting me build a world and tell her story. Let me state that I was told of book series I SHOULD read the Anita Blake book series, (something I was told leaned to much on sex), and to me, I don’t want my book to be known for being smut filled. Oh sure, there will be sex scenes, but not like THAT!


Through the years, a few things were added, while others were taken away, drawing more on vampire lore. So, where am I now? Currently mid-chapter 4? of the first book, which I’m planning on attacking again this weekend, if my nephew’s kids don’t throw me off.


As a side note: I do have another topic on the brain that has a bit to do with building another character, but seeing it has to do with my ex girlfriend, should I talk about it?

WeeklyTopic #9: State Of My Mind

Sorry for not doing this topic yesterday, but by the time things calmed, I apparently passed out at my desk for ten to twenty minutes, due to lack of sleep. For this topic, it might be good to discuss how and what I’m doing.


Let me start off with how I’m adapting to PC Gaming. I know I might catch heat for playing a first person shooter on the computer with a game pad, but there’s a reason I have too. Though growing up, computer gaming were my love, I needed to remap the keys to my right, so the major keys were close to my one hand, I’d get brain farts and goof at times. Sure, now with practice, I probably could play Crysis 2 with a mouse/keyboard, but perhaps I’ll try soon. Recently, a Logitech F310 gamepad was bought and it claims to mimic any keyboard keystroke I map, & it works, until I shut my computer off, then it acts up. I reinstall the software, it works, but shut the tower down, & it starts over. I’m waiting on Logitech’s reply.


All and all, for me, gaming on PC is less stress on me. Sure, I got a little upset last week, (first week at it), but that’s to be expected. Once the bugs get worked out, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Next thing, my writings: Though two erotic, *yes there’s that word* stories are done, a bit of fear is eating at me, because if I post em in the wrong category on AFF.org, the admins will trip. Yes, I’ve tried holding Ctrl as I select the items, but it doesn’t work. Until I get around to contacting the admins, posting my stories is on hold.


Next: For sometime now, getting to bed by 1-2am has been my goal, but I seem to be missing the mark. So, after I passed out in my chair last night, it hit that I’m not in my twenties and I need to be getting to beed at a reasonable time.

Weekly Topic #8: My Final SC5 Videos

Last week marked the end of my console gaming days, but I said that already. The week was spent playing SC5 with friends and random people, who acted like idiots, but that is beside the point. Even though my stress level was peaking at times, I enjoyed playing friends. And, oh yeah, my friend, Buffy, who hasn’t been feeling well for the longest came on, so I played SC5 with her. Though she kicked my ass, it felt good to play her.

After it was said and done, a few friends gave me their email address to keep in touch. I couldn’t think if a better way to mark the end of my console run, but to post a few of my matches below. Before I do however, what’s next for me? Well, since I finally got Steam going, I’m adding the prepaid Steam card I just bought to my wallet tonight and buy some games. Also, I’ve been writing a erotic series, using the characters I’ve created on SC5, so the stories are going well! 🙂

As for my you tube channel, the format will shift to my other interests, (R/C cars, martial arts and PC gaming, <when I grab capture software>). So there ya go, my plans. Without any further talking, here are the matches, enjoy!!!