Weekly Topic #7: Saying Goodbye To Console Gaming

This week will mark the end of my console gaming days, because after I get a few items for my PC, I’ll be switching to only PC games. For those who don’t know or don’t remember why I’m doing this, I’ll explain. Being a disabled gamer with one hand, there aren’t a lot of games out there that I can play easily, mainly due to limited button remapping for consoles. Sure, there are a few that support Custom button remapping, which I’ve played and loved, but the majority of console games DO NOT have it.

Computer games, about all of them support C.B.R. (Custom Button Remapping), which is needed for me to play well. So, that’s one of the key reasons I’m making the switch, but there’s more reasons. While it is true I’ve met some good friends through PSN, & I hope to stay in touch with them after, there have been idiots that I’ve had to deal with. These won’t be missed, let me say.

As soon as I buy PC games, it’ll be just me, myself and I, just the way it use to be when I was growing up!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Topic #7: Saying Goodbye To Console Gaming

  1. The PS4 now has an accessibility area of the system settings that includes system-wide button mapping. You no longer need to give up 🙂

    • Well as I said, there are more reasons I’m leaving that maybe I needed to list. The PS4 price point, the fee for playing online and why would I get on psn with the ps4, just so people who don’t know about my condition can laugh at me, tell me I suck and label me a quitter?

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