Weekly Topic #8: My Final SC5 Videos

Last week marked the end of my console gaming days, but I said that already. The week was spent playing SC5 with friends and random people, who acted like idiots, but that is beside the point. Even though my stress level was peaking at times, I enjoyed playing friends. And, oh yeah, my friend, Buffy, who hasn’t been feeling well for the longest came on, so I played SC5 with her. Though she kicked my ass, it felt good to play her.

After it was said and done, a few friends gave me their email address to keep in touch. I couldn’t think if a better way to mark the end of my console run, but to post a few of my matches below. Before I do however, what’s next for me? Well, since I finally got Steam going, I’m adding the prepaid Steam card I just bought to my wallet tonight and buy some games. Also, I’ve been writing a erotic series, using the characters I’ve created on SC5, so the stories are going well! 🙂

As for my you tube channel, the format will shift to my other interests, (R/C cars, martial arts and PC gaming, <when I grab capture software>). So there ya go, my plans. Without any further talking, here are the matches, enjoy!!!

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