WeeklyTopic #9: State Of My Mind

Sorry for not doing this topic yesterday, but by the time things calmed, I apparently passed out at my desk for ten to twenty minutes, due to lack of sleep. For this topic, it might be good to discuss how and what I’m doing.


Let me start off with how I’m adapting to PC Gaming. I know I might catch heat for playing a first person shooter on the computer with a game pad, but there’s a reason I have too. Though growing up, computer gaming were my love, I needed to remap the keys to my right, so the major keys were close to my one hand, I’d get brain farts and goof at times. Sure, now with practice, I probably could play Crysis 2 with a mouse/keyboard, but perhaps I’ll try soon. Recently, a Logitech F310 gamepad was bought and it claims to mimic any keyboard keystroke I map, & it works, until I shut my computer off, then it acts up. I reinstall the software, it works, but shut the tower down, & it starts over. I’m waiting on Logitech’s reply.


All and all, for me, gaming on PC is less stress on me. Sure, I got a little upset last week, (first week at it), but that’s to be expected. Once the bugs get worked out, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Next thing, my writings: Though two erotic, *yes there’s that word* stories are done, a bit of fear is eating at me, because if I post em in the wrong category on AFF.org, the admins will trip. Yes, I’ve tried holding Ctrl as I select the items, but it doesn’t work. Until I get around to contacting the admins, posting my stories is on hold.


Next: For sometime now, getting to bed by 1-2am has been my goal, but I seem to be missing the mark. So, after I passed out in my chair last night, it hit that I’m not in my twenties and I need to be getting to beed at a reasonable time.


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