How I Built Blackrose, (My Cat Vampire Character)

It is Thursday, I know, but this topic came to mind as I read a post by one of my Subscribers, and while this may not be apart of her topic, it had me wanting to blog about this.


In 2004, while living with a woman who was mentally abusive, and her boyfriend, I was depressed beyond belief. I mean it, if I went to my Anime club meetings or out to the mall, even to sleep, they’d get me up, bitching at what I did or didn’t do. Got to a point where ending my life seemed like the only way for peace. However, as I held my short sword, ready to unsheath it to do the deed, Blackrose “woke up” and stopped me. Sure, you might say I’m nuts for saying my vampire character woke up to stop me from myself, but that’s what I feel set my head on straight.


After that, ideas of how she looks, her life story etc. poured in, (her image below).kflanders_blackrose


(I hired a talented artist to draw her).


After the roommates were out of my life, I started to really think of Blackrose as more then a Muse, but as a guide, letting me build a world and tell her story. Let me state that I was told of book series I SHOULD read the Anita Blake book series, (something I was told leaned to much on sex), and to me, I don’t want my book to be known for being smut filled. Oh sure, there will be sex scenes, but not like THAT!


Through the years, a few things were added, while others were taken away, drawing more on vampire lore. So, where am I now? Currently mid-chapter 4? of the first book, which I’m planning on attacking again this weekend, if my nephew’s kids don’t throw me off.


As a side note: I do have another topic on the brain that has a bit to do with building another character, but seeing it has to do with my ex girlfriend, should I talk about it?


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