First Few Week Of PC Gaming

While this topic might be overdue, there’s a good reason for why I’ve waited to write it. I wanted to hold off & see how I’d adapted to playing games on PC, and while computer games are a far cry from the games on the Apple II that I grew up on, (insert age joke here), I’m adapting okay.


While more often than not mistakes are made, because I can’t move as fast as most two handed PC gamer, I am learning how to work around the game, (Crysis 2). Yeah,I bought that game on Steam as fast as I could, and it plays well on my beast! Even tossing around having my video card record game play, but once I feel I’m better.


But it is so nice not having some on PSN tell me I’mgarbage, or make me rage quit. I mean, sure I get mad when I die, and quit, but I try again until I pass the part that had me snagged.

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