Weekly Topic #10: Still Writing Strong, & Related Writing Topics

It’s Monday, so time for another weekly topic, & the way I’m feeling, I wanna write up a storm! Due to me having little to no concept of time, I lost track of when the writing floodgate was unblocked, but its all good. Yes, I’m happy to report the gates are still open, and the muses are throwing ideas at me like, well, like beef jerky! (awwww, drools).


This weekend, I hit chapter two of my original hentai series, Another Calling rather hard, hammering out paragraph after paragraph of good content, which had me looking/plotting chapter three. I cannot see how long this series will be, as I’m just letting the words and ideas flow through me, but I do have a twist and ending in mind, so yeah. After this series, I can’t decide if my ninja cat girl Deadra’s or Skya’s series will be started in the hentai category, because there’s a last story with a video game babe I’d like to get underway.


With that point of this topic out of the way, let’s talk about the novel. You didn’t think I’d forget about my pride and joy did you? A lot of work went into the chapter a few days before Thanksgiving, and I can’t be happier with that! Sure, I should end the chapter soon &  begin the fifth, but I don’t wanna end it mid-battle, I rather hate cliffhangers.


So if I may, (and seeing that I’d like to have interaction with readers here), let me pose a question: As it stands, with Blackrose helping the main male character, chapter four’s seven to nine pages long. My question is: Is there a cap on how many pages a chapter should be?




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