Another Chapter Down!!!

My happiness is at a height at this moment, I couldn’t let this news sit by for next Monday’s topic. After years of block, noisy kids and stress, which had me picking at the chapter, not adding much, chapter IV of my vampire novel is finished! That’s right, I’ve got it done today, and I couldn’t be happier! While there might be more errors than the two I corrected just now, I’ll look it over soon, but after so many years not doing much to the chapter, then boom, it feels rather good!


That being said, I felt it would be best if I ended the chapter the way I did, because though I have some good and touching scenes that were crammed into the first “Draft” of the book, the chapter would’ve dragged on, & I feel the way things are, readers may wanna read chapter 5 and so on, just to see what’ll happen, riggggght? 🙂 When will I begin Chapter five? While I have some of the chapter leaking out of my grin, (IF only you could see it), there is a lot of other details of what the two characters face that I need to plan what goes into what chapter. Does anyone get my meaning, or am I just speaking in “Happy Tongue”? 😛


Anyway, to me, completing chapter four has been my goal for the longest, and to have it finally written is uplifting! I know with this new flow that has me writing up a storm, the other chapters will come to me. 🙂



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