The Penname Debate

Since putting the final touch on chapter IV the other day, a question came to me & has been working in me since. If, and this is a big IF, but when I do finish the vampire novel, & if a publisher picks it up, I don’t want it published under my real name.


Not to go deep into the why aspect, because if anyone read my post on how Blackrose came to light, I think you’ll understand my mode of thinking. Since that episode that woke her up, I’ve never used me real name online whenever possible. And, no it’s not a conspiracy theory fear, like my nephew and his girlfriend are into, but while I do believe in some of those, TO A POINT, I don’t dwell on em, as those two do.


With that rant out, I know some authors sometimes go by pen names & IF I do get my book out there, my real name just doesn’t have a ring to it. So, ever since Tuesday, when I finished the chapter, the debate on what pen name maybe started raging. Though a couple seem likely, the jury’s still out! 🙂



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