Birthday Goodies, And A Thank You!

Before starting this, let me take a second and thank all who visit, like and follow my blog on here, is means A LOT! ^_^ I mean it, it does. Since moving my blog here from the now strictly paid or defunked xanga. com, (I don’t know which), this blog has seen an increase of interaction, of which, I enjoy! So to all of you, thank you so much! :). Now on with the topic.


For years, I’ve hated the fact that my birthday’s a week before Christmas, but last year was worse. Why? Well, other then my brother and adopted brother, with the mention of a few friends who wished me happy birthday, the rest of my family “Forgot” it was my birthday! I kid you not, I didn’t even get a cake, & that’s kinda sad! Even my nephew asked if I was gay, because I expected a happy birthday from his dimwitted ass!


This year, I’ve taken steps and bought/buying myself gifts. Yes, I ordered stuff I wanted, and funk the family. The gift I gift them is paid bills every month. What did I buy? Well, World of Warcraft, (due here tomorrow), A book on the history of the Japanese sword, (I had it a long time ago, so I bought it again), and a 36 pack of Pepsi! I’m tired of just getting two cups of what they buy then it’s gone the next day. Am I wrong for buying my own drinks?


But as I checked my email today, a deal on amine caught my eyes, making me want to order the blu-ray of Elfien Lied! 20% off, making it $17. & change! I’m buying it, no question!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Goodies, And A Thank You!

  1. Happy birthday! Aw, that’s horrible. But you did a smart thing to treat yourself to birthday presents instead of expecting some from others. Hope you’re enjoying them. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, my sister’s birthday is within a week before Christmas ^^;… I’ve always told her, “at least it isn’t ON Christmas.” In my later years, I’ve thought it might have been easier for non-family members to remember her birthday if it were actually Christmas/Eve, xD… Not that her gift count would increase =///.

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