Weekly Topic #11: Progression On Side Story & Other Topic

It’s almost midnight here, and since I’m semi-awake, I wanted to post this now. Before doing so however, a warm welcome goes out to Anita Cross, a new follower of this blog, I hope you enjoy the topics I bring up here. In here, various topics are talked about! Whether it be on my life in a wheelchair, gaming, anime, R/C Cars or my writings, I hope somethings will catch your interest. It is my wish to spark discussions here! ^_^


Even though it night not have been a huge leap in progress as I would’ve liked, due to me starting late, but tonight, progress was made writing chapter II of Another Calling, one of my original erotic stories, using Aki Yoshira, a character I’ve created, (See below). Though no steamy scenes have been reached yet, as I’m saving her for the vampire she’ll meet later in chapters III & IV, I’m pleased how well it is going While I won’t make this chapter eleven pages, like the first installment, it’s good already!


Aki Yoshira


After her stories are over, I’m tossing around the idea of beginning my elf girl Skya’s series, or my cat girl Deadra’s story next, (both below). Whichever character I write about next, their stories are firmly starting in my head, which makes my job easy. 🙂 As for my vampire novel, chapter V’s taking root in my head too, so all good in that department! I’d like time to plan it out more, but perhaps just writing it might be better, that way I can cut it when I feel it needs to be ended, huh?










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