Chapter Five was Started, Pen name News & A Question To Writers

Well, early Monday morning, (1:30, I believe), my muse, Blackrose, (Below for those who haven’t seen her yet), told me I had enough of a break and got the juices going for the fifth chapter of my vampire novel, which the words were oozing from my hand while typing. For those new to this blog, I’m sane, but treat my characters as if they alive and telling their story through me. With that said, I went on a writing spree & really set the chapter off well, I think! 🙂




I’m not going to give hints on what’s happening, as it may kill my flow, but the way I’m writing blows me away!


As for my pen names, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve picked two, one for the book, IF it’s published, and the other pen name will be used for my original erotic/hentai stories. What are my choices? For the book, the name Shadowlight will be used, and for the erotic items, Darklight996 will be used as a pen name.


On a note that has to do with the book. I asked a friend on this, and while I’m taking his option under advisement, the jury’s still debating. So, for the writer’s who reached out to me, if you could give advice on this question, it’ll be appreciated. There’s a young female knight in my book that I don’t see going beyond a certain point. I have a way I’d like to write her off, but I don’t want the book known only for the sex. I humbly ask, without over doing the sex scene, are a few sex scenes alright to put in a book, without having them overshadow the rest of it?


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