The State Of Things.

While posts go up weekly about various things cooking in my skull, it has been sometime since I talked about how I’m doing in general. For the most part, things have been good. Sure, things could be better, but eh, can’t complain.


Ah, where to start? Most of the gifts I’ve ordered for myself got here last week & are being treasure, like a fine beer. Heh, I kid, I kid. No, but they are being thoroughly enjoyed Since getting World of Warcraft installed last Monday, a task in itself, of which I’m not going into. the game has been played almost nightly. Furthermore, stress melts when I play. People tell me it’s a bad game to get addicted to, but da heck can I do in Winter? Cold weather and I aren’t friends, heh. 😛


The book on Japanese Swordsmanship came and reading started that night. Seriously, the computer and TV were turned off and I read the first few pages. The feelings that drew me into the book back when I first read it in my teens came back and before long, 1AM hit! I’m devoting an hour or two to reading  from now on.


Progress on my book chapter and erotic stories is cranking along! Just Friday, the final paragraph for Chapter two of Another Calling, Aki Yoshira’s story was put to bed. Oh, ideas are in my head for the third chapter, but I want to start this Elf girl’s story next, when I wake later!




People, meet Skya! 🙂 She’s the next creation that’ll get her own Hentai, (erotic) story. Wanted to begin chapter 1 Saturday, but as soon as the mood to get on the computer hit, people kept giving me their food. Anyway, as for Skya’s story: I’ve only told my adopted brother some of it, because I trust him a great deal.


The Pepsi that I ordered got here, and though the roommates think I’m off my nut for getting pop on Amazon, I don’t care! Beats just getting a few cups of what they get any day. Next month, anime and green tea! 🙂


Speaking of Anime, Elfen Lied was ordered from, but with the bull that happen while doing so, I wished I ordered through Amazon instead. The biggest gripe I have is a glitch in their system canceled my order! Oh, they filled the order manually, but I inquired about it, having to get a chat session with one of their reps. to get the reason after two days of no email reply. Honestly thought the account was hacked! Yeah, I’ll order from Rightstuf again, but not for a while.


For this last part, you’ll see that I refer to my Radio Controlled Traxxas truck as a kid. Months back, I had it taken to the hobby shop to get upgrades put on, (new body, stronger parts etc.) Called Thursday to check on the kid’s progress and their half done, which me likey. All they gotta do are the back A-arms, slap the new wheels/tires on, and boom! Would like to take him brushless, but maybe in March  I’ll have the hobby shop put a system in.



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