Weekly Topic #12: Sunday’s Hell!

When people come down with the Flu or a bug, I usually quarantine myself in my room, only going out if I need and 50 percent of the time, I won’t catch it. This weekend, while the household got sick, my door did not open until they went to bed, but on my way to bed after “The State Of Things”,  what they had hit me, and it got me, I felt like a train hit me. When I get sick, which hardly ever happens, I know I need to do things before an end result, but fear any movement may set me off. Well, as I emptied something, I was head in trash can, which wasn’t fun.


I know I wanted to begin Skya’s series, my body ached, couldn’t eat or keep anything in me. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour bug, having me feel better today, so before long I’ll begin her first chapter, but will go to bed a reasonable time.


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