Idea Tossing

Though my day started kinda bad, with my wheelchair being booted from gear by a shoe, something that I dare not go deeper into, I’m here. As most of you readers know, my vampire book chapter, along with other writing projects are going strong. :)Sure, need to get back to the book before Blackrose decides to bite my neck, but heh. Lately, my writing has been focused on my elf princess’s story, a piece that will go on when done.


That said, an idea for the girl below has been trying to come through, and it has, but I dunno if I want her to be a priestess, a peasant girl or a plain girl who gets in with the wrong crowd. Some friends tell me it’s up to me, and usually I pick roles for my creations right, but with three good ideas, my brain is farting! 🙂




So from the above choices, what do you think might fit her best? I will not start her piece yet, as I have a full plate. Maybe after the holidays, once the other stories are somewhat complete, Jasmine’s piece will be started.


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