Weekly Update, (No Number): Rightstuf.com’s Service Rview

While a few new topics popped in my head in the last days, one of which has to do with Aki Yoshira’s story, but I’m not willing to share my vision of the third chapter yet, so this will have to do, goman nasai people. In my teens, (Yeah, before the internet was hot), I use to go to a store in the local mall, (the store has long since vanished), & bought my anime. However, twice they screwed up, leaving me holding the sack! 🙂


Though fuzzy on the details, somehow Rightstuf’s catalog came my way & I started getting anime through  them, and for a time, they were decent. But then they started dropping the ball, giving me excuses, which made me pull up stakes and take my business elsewhere. For the longest time, AnimeNation was my anime source, having better deals, quick shipping, & friendly service. However, since they got out of the retail game, 😦 I’m back at rightstuf.


As you know, the Elfen Lied Blu Ray collection was ordered from them, so here is my untainted review of their service.


I’ve placed the order around the 6th, I believe? And that went alright, aside from one brain fart from me, a moment I’m not going into. After that though, the anime was ordered, but the 8th, the glitch happened. Seems like their system canceled people’s stuff, which I’m sure made people upset, i did me. Like any detective, I emailed and waited, waited and waited. I won’t lie, flashbacks of how they use to do business cae to mind. As the second day of no email from Rightstuf, I did a chat session with one of their Reps.


Though my cold attitude presented itself, something I kinda let on, but controlled, the session was fruitful. The rep told me about the glitch, but my package was getting shipped that day, so that calmed me down. All an all, shopping with them went alright, they have tried to change, & I have seen proof of it.


Would I shop with them again? Answer is maybe. Though RightStuf has deals, like the one I got on Elfen Lied, some of their prices are a little high, but factor in, they are small, so it could be why.




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