Darkest Pleasures


Probably overloading my mind with muses and projects that may make my head spin, but eh. Darkest Pleasures is the title of Deadra’s, (above), hentai series. Like I said, my head may explode from the ideas on my plate, but to me, writing is a escape. Now, on with the meat of this post! 🙂


Aside from recoloring her kimono white with pinkish accents, (which I did last night), the rest of my ninja cat girl is the same. I’m not going to say anything about the plot, only that it will be SPICY. Yes I know, I should get back to writing the vampire novel, and soon I will, but when my muses talk, my fingers type! 🙂 How long Deadra’s series will be isn’t clear to me yet, as I’m just writing to write. Who knows, I may do one long thirteen page chapter for giggles! 😛



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