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Lately, my nephew has been giving the tea I’ve bought for myself to his spoiled brat three year old & the kid bothers me, begging me by crying, whining to give him some when I make it. Now, I’m not selfish, if he were sick, I’d give him some, but daily it’s “I WANT HOT COFFEE!” I tell him no, and it is tea, but he says it 5 times, the child just has no structure or rules! When he screams at me, it takes all I’ve got not to disipline him myself, (& yes, I cannot deal with kids, goman.)


Today/tonight my nephew hurt my feelings, adding to my depression… I will not repeat what was said, but yeah.


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Starcross Love Chapter III

Before posting the next installment, I’d just like to thank those of you who liked the last chapter. Really, it shows me that I have some grasp on what I gave advice on. Lastly, a request? If you find errors or have feedback, please let me know?


Starcrossed Love
Chapter III: Beginning of a Bond

Author’s Note: All characters herein are property of me. Copying or using them without my consent is not aloud.

Rated Mature: For violence/gore, language, and adult themes. So if you object, turn away now!

Now that Elisa’s safety wasn’t weighing heavily on his mind, Dante’s focus could shift to coming battles with the bengel vampire and her thrall. Wheeling through village to village, the Izurian let thoughts on how to combat the cat girl fill his head, until he found himself on a cliff, overlooking a canyon. Taking the Kahimoto sword’s scabbard off his back and placing it on his lap, Dante started to release all thought and his mind went blank.

While in this trace, the warrior began to explore ways to fight the vampire girl, but he knew his training wasn’t meant to be used for slaying vampires. So he would need to rely on what he heard from the local population on the subject. From what he heard, vampires could be killed by sunlight, a stake through the heart or decapitation, but something about her made him not want to kill her, but Dante couldn’t figure out why he felt that way.

In another part of Daltauria, Blackrose and her slave made their way to a cave for the daytime, but she felt another presence with her. As soon as the vampire girl began walking deeper into the cave, a distastefully familiar scent started filling the cat’s nose and she began growling. To Blackrose, this scent sent a chill up her spine, though the cat girl would never admit it to anyone. “I know you’re here, Alcuard!” she screamed into the blackness while summoning a dark energy spire in her hand.

It took a few seconds, but a voice bounced from wall to wall saying that it was nice to see her. The voice wasn’t a welcomed sound to her ears and the undead cat started grinding her fangs in disgust. By the look on her face, Blackrose knew the voice was her Sire, though calling him that left a foul taste in her mouth. When the form of a man appeared, the vampire girl took a defensive stance, because she knew Alcuard’s mood couldn’t be predicted.

Though he could tell she wasn’t thrilled about seeing him, her Sire always used that as some sort of power over her. A smile began growing on his face while he told her he watched her battle with that human in the chair and he wasn’t happy when she didn’t kill her prey, like he taught her too. What Alcuard said started making the vampire cat sick to her stomach, because Blackrose knew she set out to kill him, but couldn’t do it for some reason.

Knowing he wasn’t there just so he could point the obvious out to her, the vampire girl growled while asking, “Why was he really there?” She always knew he had an ulterior motive behind every visit he cursed her with, and this, in her mind, didn’t seem different. He began to smile and his smile told her that he wanted her to be a good daughter, but she always wanted nothing to do with him.

For a split second, Blackrose started to think she could kill her Sire, but retracted the thought, due to Alcuard telling her that killing a Sire kills the offspring. Though half of the filth he told her had to be truths only to suit his needs at the time, the cat didn’t want to test her theory, so Blackrose dissolved the spire she hid behind her back and moved away. As soon as she backed away, Alcuard’s grin seemed to get colder while he told her that she best kill the man next time, or suffer his wrath.

Hearing him give her orders like that drove the cat girl mad with anger, because she knew her mission and didn’t need him reminding her. When her Sire started fading from the cave, Blackrose grit her fangs and threw a black energy spire at his disappearing head, but she knew it wouldn’t hit the target. “Disgusting troll!” went bouncing around the undead cat’s head as she waved her hand and a wooden coffin appeared. Once in, the top of the vampire girl’s resting place shut, leaving her in total blackness.

While she tried to sleep, Blackrose began to be haunted with images that seemed to flash in front of her eyes. Everything that flooded before her eyes seemed to be from her past, before Alcuard put the curse of being one of the undead upon her. As Blackrose watched what Alcuard put her through, more anger started building with in her, driving her to blow the top off of the coffin. Before getting up, a bestial roar came from the cat girl and she quickly shot up from her uneasy rest.

By the look of hatred burning in her eyes, the gods couldn’t stop Blackrose if they got in her way. As soon as she got out of her coffin, plans began stirring and she knew she would kill the mortal, saving her Sire for last. Raising her hand, she summoned her sword to her right hip and with her slave by her side, Blackrose disappeared in shadows. While jumping from shadow to shadow, the vampire girl began wondering where her human prey would be found, but she couldn’t keep from asking herself, “Why did I stop myself earlier?”

Of course that wouldn’t plague her this time, for Blackrose wouldn’t allow it. With her thrall in tow, the vampire continued searching for Dante and found him sitting in his chair, on a cliff. A grin began growing on the cat’s face as she started descending on her seemingly unsuspecting prey. While carefully unsheathing her blade, not to make her presence known to Dante, Blackrose slashed at the man’s head. It came as a shock to Blackrose when Dante spun his chair around, crossing his sword with hers.

Seeing what this man did made questions fill her head, but, “How did he know I was approaching?” stood out in her mind. Truly, this warrior had to have some gift that she didn’t, the cat girl admitted to herself. Jumping away to reset her stance, Blackrose chose to not have her thrall get involved and wanted to face him one on one. Not taking his eye off the vampire girl, Dante told her he didn’t want to fight her, but he wasn’t about to let her kill him either.

While she heard her target say that, Blackrose’s ears began twitching and when her grin appeared, it seemed to be frigid. Now the cat girl’s options became limitless and ways to kill her prey seemed to stampede into her head like wild horses. Oh sure, Blackrose didn’t hold back before and now she could use her full power, if she wanted. Circling Dante with a smug look on her face, the vampire couldn’t hold her excitement in as she let thoughts ooze from her face.

Dante kept eye contact with the cat girl, trying to guess when and how she would strike. These long pauses before the first move had always bothered him due to having to put chance into the equation, but his training taught him that opening strikes could tell the outcome of battle. Turning his wheelchair with one hand while holding the Kahimoto sword in the other, the Izurian saw the vampire getting set to come at him and he started to twirl the sword, trying to confuse Blackrose so she wouldn’t know how he would set his grip.

Giving a growl before launching after her prey, the vampire went running toward the man she hated. Though he knew the ground wasn’t the best to ride on, Dante did his best at getting speed and both spun themselves, giving power to their strike before meeting in a loud clash. Even if she had her dead heart set on killing him, Blackrose had to admit this male amazed her, but kept the feeling off her face, for fear it may show weakness. While twirling his sword and parrying the vampire’s, the Izurian started to wonder if she might spare him, but what had him wasn’t just that, it seemed the cat girl had more on her mind.

Thinking Dante had the ability to read her thoughts scared the girl and, grabbing his collar, she threw the warrior from his chair. When he hit the hard ground, he knew she meant business and he heard her blade scrapping the ground coming closer. Though his head felt like had hit a wall of stone, the warrior knew he best come up with some way to counter Blackrose quickly. With little time to think, Dante spun on his back, letting his foot knock the vampire cat’s sword out of her hand.

Shaking her head trying to comprehend what her eyes just saw, Blackrose and her slave disappeared, leaving the Izurian to wonder about his feline opponent. While on the ground, Dante wondered if the vampire had her eye on him if he walked to his chair. Oh, the warrior knew how to trick her and limp to his chair, he had ways to make people believe what wasn’t true. Taking his sword and using it like a cane, the Izurian grunted as he started standing so it would seem he had to struggle.

While limping to his chair, “If my mother saw me doing this, she would kill me.” came into his head. He knew Yoruichi never liked it when he used such a trick, but this seemed the only way he knew to cover the fact that he could walk. Of course, Dante had to figure the vampire could sense his deception if she had her eye on him from the shadows. As soon as he got into his wheelchair, the warrior sheathed the Kahimoto and began to wheel his way into the night for parts unknown.

When Blackrose returned to her cave, anger that she reserved for Dante exploded in a rage and the cat threw a black spire at the wall.”Tisk tisk, daughter, what a temper you have,” Alcuard laughed from the shadows. While she heard him laugh, the vampire started growling because she didn’t feel like dealing with her Sire’s whims, at least not now and he knew this.

Like the vampire girl didn’t already know why her Sire came to haunt her doorstep again, an angry sigh came across her lips while asking him what he was doing there, but his grin told her he had something brewing up his sleeve and something told her to ready herself. So, Blackrose quickly summoned an energy spire and threw it at him. Swatting her power away like some child’s toy, “Insolent child,” went passed his lips as he threw a green spore in her face.

The force of the spore exploding in her face sent the undead cat staggering back while she tried to get her vision focused. “Damned fool,” just kept going through her head as if someone threw rocks into a lake. While trying to shake the saioki webs from her mind, Blackrose remembered that Alcuard used the same spore on another vampire he sired and she died soon after. The cat wasn’t afraid of death, to her it would release from the curse her Sire put on her, but Blackrose didn’t want to die in this way.

Though the vampire girl could feel Alcuard’s poison coursing through her, she motioned her slave to attack him, but Alcuard caught her thrall by the neck, throwing it like a rag doll. After he threw the girl’s thrall, he made eye contact with her and his stare grew cold as he looked at her, as if to say, do not think I will save you. That stare of his always made a chill go up Blackrose’s spine and this time had been no different, because it had her frozen and powerless to do anything, but watch him disappear with a smug smile growing on his face.

After she could no longer feel his presence in the cave, the feeling of being powerless quickly left the vampire cat. Once she could move, it didn’t take anytime for her vision to become distorted and Blackrose knew she was in trouble. Thoughts of what she should do started pouring into her already cloudy mind and though she never would think of doing such a thing in the past, the undead Bengal girl wondered of her grandfather, Vlad Dracula, would assist her. From what she knew of him, he wasn’t easily approachable on the subject of favors, but time wasn’t on her side.

The thought of drinking her slave’s blood popped into the vampire’s head and with a wave of her hand, Blackrose made her thrall walk to her. When the mindless human knelt to the cat girl, the vampire’s fangs appeared as she went for the neck. Blackrose could almost taste the blood in her mouth, but knowing that her thrall could serve her by providing safe passage to Dracula stopped her. Even though she felt the poison take hold of her inch by inch, the vampire cat made herself stand, her body resisting the whole idea.

Once on her feet, Blackrose found it a chore to black out her eyes and disappear into the shadows and, though that simple task made her horribly weak, she vanished with her slave. The vampire’s mind began to wander and, no longer able to bounce from shadow to shadow, the vampire girl slammed into a field of tall grass. Laying there on the brink of death, several things came to Blackrose, but she caught herself asking, “Was this the end?” The immortal cat girl always thought she would die in a glorious battle, maybe with Dante, but not this way.

While making his way down the rocky path, Dante could feel it start to rain and knowing if the path got muddy, it would be harder, if not impossible to move. “Great,” came to his lips as the Izurian began wheeling faster, in an effort to beat the rain. Abandoning his wheelchair and running to the next town didn’t look to bad at the moment. What stopped Dante from doing that, however, was the thought that the vampire might be watching him. This made the warrior ill when he started thinking about it, because twice now she attacked, but fought him to a stand still and she had the power to end him, so why didn’t she?

He let thoughts of why beat around his head for the duration of his trip, but the Izurian wasn’t prepared for what he saw. Dante quickly put his hand on the Kahimoto, ready to pull it while proceeding up to what looked like the vampire girl he fought twice now. He couldn’t understand why she wasn’t moving, for nothing he could see would be a deathblow. Seeing this put more questions which didn’t have answers in Dante’s head.

Some part of him began to tell him just leave her there, while the other told him to give her aid somehow. Dante asked himself why he should help someone who wants to kill him for sport. His reasons on such a subject were good ones, he thought, but both his mother, Yoruichi, and Queen Chanista’s voice could be heard echoing in his head, telling him there was no honor in leaving someone to die when not in battle.

Deep inside, the warrior knew the words he heard spoke truth, but Dante still wasn’t to happy about giving this vampire help. On the other hand, Dante could feel a connection with the vampire girl, but no, there couldn’t be a connection, she wanted him dead. This kept at him while the Izurian started going for Blackrose’s hands, to drag her into a nearby cave, but almost by instinct, her thrall snapped at him, almost biting his hand.

A gut reaction took over and Dante pulled his sword out with lightening speed, aiming at the mindless doll like girl. Oh, he knew it only went for him because it was guarding its mistress, but it needed to know he would try to help the vampire cat girl. Though faint, the Izurian swore he heard Blackrose telling her slave to move aside and let him pass. She knew she wasn’t in any condition to fight him, even if she wanted too.

Putting the Kahimoto back in its sheath, thoughts of leaving the vampire to her death continued to haunt the Izurian warrior. Dante knew it would be easier, but yet, if he left her to die, he would be cold and the warrior wouldn’t live with that on his mind. Without thinking if she saw him stand or not, the warrior stood and picked up the undead cat girl’s cold limp body and sat back in his chair. Wheeling to the cave behind him, he cradled her head against a shoulder and it became apparent to him how dire this could be.

While putting her down in a clearing, Dante knew by what the locals told him that vampires were immune to everything, so how she got this way puzzled him. Though his mother taught him about various poisons, the Izurian knew this wasn’t one she covered. Knowing that there could be a chance the vampire would die, something made him look at her in a different light.

To Dante, it could’ve been honor or something along those lines, but he agreed that she should die in battle. A loud roar came from the vampire girl, followed by panting and the Izurian knew whatever infected her had the vampire’s blood lust go into overdrive. Seeing the look of pain that obviously ravaged her, Dante took his sword out its scabbard and cut a line into his flesh without any hesitation. Watching the blood surface, he quickly sent his arm over her mouth and while the blood started dripping into Blackrose’s waiting mouth, “I can’t believe what I’m doing,” began crossing his mind.

The Izurian knew there could be a chance the vampire girl would go after his arm because of the hunger that had its hold over her. Always thinking ahead, Dante began taking a kali stick out and planned to hit her if she went for his arm. After what seemed like an eternity, Blackrose started coming around, but when her sight focused, what she saw made her turn her head away in disgust. The vampire couldn’t fathom why the man she saw as a plaything aided her.

“Maybe he saw this as a twisted pleasure,” crossed her cloudy mind, because what else would it be? Looking back at the man that sat beside her wrapping his bleeding arm with a piece of cloth from his own clothes, Blackrose gave a growl while she asked him why he gave his blood to her. Dante knew he did it out of honor, but didn’t think the vampire girl would care to hear that word, so he told her he did it because there wasn’t another road to the next town.

Something told her the Izurian warrior kept the truth from her, but she chose to keep still, due to the poison taking over her body minute by minute. Even though she began to slip in and out of consciousness, Blackrose started trying to stand and began staggering to the cave entrance, mumbling something about green spores and her grandfather. By what he heard the cat girl say, Dante knew delirium had set in and he needed to stop her, because in her state, she wouldn’t last too much longer.

While wheeling as fast as he could to catch the vampire girl, the Izurian started plotting a way to stop the delirious undead cat from biting him. Pumping the wheels as fast as possible, Dante decided the only way to prevent her from biting him was to let her bite the Kahimoto sword’s sheath. Taking the sword out as he spun his chair in front of her and just like he predicted, the vampire girl came at him snarling.

Trying to wait for the last second, the Izurian forced the sheath between Blackrose’s fangs and before she could bite down, Dante hit the side of her neck, knocking her out. After the cat had been knocked out, she fell limp against the warrior, but he gave a small sigh because he knew that wasn’t smart. His thoughts continued to flood his mind replaying the last act and Dante started to beat himself up over that, because his mother, Yoruichi, would have told him how foolish that was. Laying the vampire back down, Blackrose’s eyes started to open and the cat girl locked on him. A lot of things began going through her foggy head, but how could this mere human hold her there, stood apart from all else.

Though she did her best to try to deny this, Blackrose began thinking her target could go see her grandfather, Dracula, in her place. “This must be the spore sickness making me think of sending a human,” rang throughout her mind as the cat girl looked at him. Surely, the more the vampire girl had time to dwell on the idea, the more it made her ill, because she knew her grandfather would kill him rather then hear the reason why he is there.

Looking in her weary eyes, it became clear to Dante that the vampire needed him to go see this Vlad he heard her speak about. Giving a sigh to prepare himself for what he had to say, the Izurian told the cat girl to tell him about her grandfather. At first, Blackrose thought the illness affected her keen hearing, because she knew he wouldn’t survive his encounter. Thinking he had a death wish, the vampire girl nodded, telling him it wasn’t possible for him to go.

“What choice do you have?” passed his lips before the Izurian could think about it and, though the warrior’s statement made her curse his name more, because nobody that talked out of turn like that had lived, the undead cat knew Dante had spoken the truth. Though still unwilling to trust him totally, Blackrose wanted to live long enough to fight the man sitting before her again. Though she had restraint, the vampire cat started telling her mouse that Dracula’s castle could be found on the very northern border of Ervere, in a place called Trankla, but as she told him, phantom hands wrapped their icy grip around the feline’s neck and began choking her.

Watching the cat being choked by some force, Dante knew something didn’t want the vampire girl telling him about Vlad. The air in the cave began to get heavy and the Izurian warrior started to slowly unsheath his blade, as if he felt someone else with them. “Do not tell the human about father, BLACKROSE!” a voice rang out from the shadows and seemed to close the noose tighter around her neck. After hearing this disembodied voice call him a human, a smile ran across Dante’s face as the thought of what he have to do to stop her suffering went through his head.

Letting the ghostly hands kill the vampire girl crossed his mind so easily, but the voices of the warrior’s mother and friend wouldn’t stop pestering him in his ear. Knowing a chance he might regret this action later could come back to bite him, literally, Dante waited until the figure formed completely behind him. Thinking the human had been unaware of his presences, Alcuard started creep up while squeezing his cold hand which tightened the grip around his daughter’s throat.

Something about this man left a bitter taste in Dante’s mouth as he watched him approach out of the corner of his eye. Though Alcuard just appeared, he didn’t make a good impression on the warrior. In fact to Dante, the male vampire looked the same as any cocky piece of waste he has fought, so he didn’t see a threat. As Blackrose’s Sire drew closer, the Izurian shut his eyes, waiting for the time to strike.

Even with her life leaving her body, the vampire cat’s eyes fixed themselves on the man sitting beside her. Caught between what her Sire called a life and death, Blackrose tried to figure out what he had on his mind, but in the short time around him, she knew not to put anything past this man. In total darkness, the Izurian’s mind emptied, but only one thought stayed to occupy his mind, the way to stop this immortal fool from hurting one of his own.

Dante could hear Alcuard’s footsteps and counted the beats until they got closer to the warrior. When he heard the vampire stop, a grin made its appearance on the Izurian’s face as the words, “Got you,” trickled from his mouth in a mumble. Knowing the hand of the vampire would be his target, Dante draws the Kahimoto sword, twirled it with one hand and spun the chair around with the other, taking it in one swoop.

Alcuard screamed a hellish scream of pain while blood squirted everywhere, painting the walls of the cave crimson red. While shrieking, he began trying to figure out how this mortal possessed such speed. For he had never seen a human react with abilities like this, but all questions about the subject became moot, because he told the warrior that the vampire girl would die if her Sire dies. Of course there could be a thread of truth behind what this vampire told him, Dante wasn’t sure, but the warrior didn’t want to take a chance, so he backed his blade away.

When Alcuard saw the human back his sword away, a twisted smirk started to appear across his face because he thought he had Dante under his thumb. Little that he knew, the Izurian had a plan forming in his head all along and the warrior started laughing as he began telling Blackrose’s Sire, “If I can’t take you’re head, I’ll hack off another body part.” While saying that, Dante started thinking of either taking both legs, both arms or all of the above. As his mind grew with the sadistic things he could do, Alcuard noticed a start of a dark streak

The cocky attitude Blackrose’s Sire was so use to in the past quickly turned into what could be fear, but he would never let it topple him from the untouchable pillar the vampire put himself on. Though the thought of watching what he viewed as a mistake die gave him pleasure, Alcuard didn’t want to let his failure’s human protector carry out his own twisted plan. A grin started appearing across the vampire’s lip, which told the Izurian what he had up his sleeve, but before Dante could slice at him, Alcuard disappeared.

When her Sire left, Dante began to tremble. Oh, there wasn’t doubt that he would go through with his plan that had him shaking. The warrior simply didn’t think he would be fast enough to react and that scared him. That scene playing like a piece of a bad dream in his head made Dante tell himself, “I hope she can’t read my thoughts right now.”

While sheathing his sword, the Izurian saw the vampire girl staring at him and he began wondering if she could sense the fear in him. Looking at the human, it amazed Blackrose that a mortal had nerve to stand against her Sire. She knew Dante had to be afraid, after all Alcuard’s presence always made her fur stand on end. The way the vampire kept trying to focus her eyes told the warrior that she wouldn’t last long and he returned by her side.

Questions kept filling her clouded head on whether to trust the human or not. The cat girl told herself that she would rather fight him at her peak then die at what she saw as a disgrace. So, taking a breath, Blackrose finished telling Dante where to find her grandfather and she would send her thrall to help. Even though he had his previous action still haunting him, the Izurian gave a slight nod.

Though the poison worked faster when she used it, Blackrose decided to teleport the man to Trankla, hopefully close to Vlad Dracula’s castle, but being as weak as she felt, thoughts of Dante ending up in lava ran rampant throughout her brain. Roaring from the pain of doing so, Blackrose’s eyes blacked out and soon a shadow enveloped the Izurian and her slave, making them vanish. After, her head hit the soft makeshift pillow made for her and “Grandfather, please see your way and help me.” went passed her lips, in a plea.

When the vampire girl’s saviors appeared at their destination, Dante drew the Kahimoto and looked around, mapping the area mentally. He knew they needed to get to the castle soon if Blackrose had any hope to live. Looking at this thrall she sent with him just kneeling next to him, the warrior didn’t know how to get it to move. “Perhaps if I call it like a Nightwolf, it’ll move,” ran through his mind, jokingly.

Sitting there thinking about how to make this doll of the vampire’s move wasn’t buying her time, the Izurian told himself. To him, killing it seemed to be the simple choice, rather then wasting time figuring out how to use this thing. Yet, Dante stopped that thinking, for he knew Blackrose had a good reason to send it also.

Out of nowhere, a theory started taking up residence in his mind, clearing it like day and he felt the need to test it. Picking a bolder that he knew had to go in order to get through, the warrior lifted his arm, pointing to it and before he could blink, the thrall crushed it to dust. After watching what the puppet did to solid rock, a bone chilling feeling went up Dante’s spine when he realized what it could do to him, if the vampire girl wished it.

The warrior had to put that thought aside, because the two had to get to Blackrose’s grandfather’s as soon as possible. Hoping her thrall would follow, the Izurian started to wheel into the night and, just as he hoped, it walked beside him. While wheeling on the cobblestone street, Dante scanned the area with a hand planned on his sword’s handle, ready to pull it if needed. Unknown danger from the shadows wasn’t all that had him gripping the handle tightly, not knowing if the vampire would change her mind and will her thrall to attack him, had Dante on edge.

Soon, an old brownstone castle which sat atop a rocky hill came into view. Something told the warrior the old dilapidated place was Castle Dracula. Just by looking at it made a incoherent voice say, “It fits the vampire lore, alright.” in Dante’s head. ”How am I going to get up to the gate?” stood out while the Izurian looked for a path. Sure, Dante knew he could leave his wheelchair if necessary, but he felt Blackrose watching him through the doll’s eyes, and if she found out his ploy, he would die for sure. If he couldn’t find a path, then he knew that would be a risk the warrior would need to gamble with.

The idea of what he may have to do didn’t sit well with Dante, because fighting her before wasn’t an easy task and if she found out, she wouldn’t show mercy. As the chilling thought played with his head, the Izurian found a graveyard that wasn’t to steep which lead to the gate. A graveyard wasn’t uncommon for this setting, that much he admitted to himself, but when Dante and the thrall started through it, decaying corpses started to come out of the ground.

Everything his eyes saw couldn’t be said out loud, because cursing wasn’t what the situation needed. After licking his lips, a grin that stretched the length of his face appeared on the warrior’s face as the words, “Party time,” worked their way through his head. While drawing his sword, the matter at hand wasn’t lost on Dante, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun making his way through the horde of zombies. Pointing the Kahimoto told Blackrose’s thrall to attack and with it away, the Izurian could work on his own path.

Though wheeling on dirt wasn’t easy for him, Dante knew he would get rid of quite a few enemies in one stroke. Before meeting the creatures, a quick flick of the wrist reversed his sword grip and as blood started to drench his body, a feeling of sadistic pleasure took control of him. Yes, his mother, Yoruichi, taught him to control himself in heat of battle, but he couldn’t help taking pleasure fighting easy prey.

Once the last zombie fell, Dante turned his chair and looked at the sea of headless corpses. When his eyes gazed upon the pail he put down, the Izurian saw the vampire’s slave covered in blood from head to toe. He allowed the thought, “I see the doll had as much fun as I did,” entertain his mind, before a ghostly nudge from something made him get back to the task at hand. A look by Dante told the thrall to follow and the warrior started to make his way into the castle.

Making his way into Dracula’s house, even the smallest sound had the warrior on high alert with plans on how to deal with the unknown pacing his head. There wasn’t a question if fear took hold, it did, but if he let it show, Blackrose would undoubtedly use it. With each door the two went through, the Izurian felt ill. To him, the air had a demonic presence to it and whatever was in the room felt like weights pulling him to the floor.

An urgent impulse to exit the aura that seemed to get heavier minute by minute sent Dante rolling towards the next door, but the closer he got to it, the worse he felt, until the warrior fell out of his chair. While fighting back the urge to throw up, the Izurian knew that his mindless companion wouldn’t be a help. As the warrior started to feel the pressure mount like stone on his chest, many things went in and out of his mind, but nothing stood out than, “I can’t go on…”

Dante didn’t know what made him remember this, but an image of a training session with his mother who had him pinned down, began playing before him. It felt like Yoruichi sent that memory to force him to see past the pain, like she did when she trained him. “I understand, mother,” passed his lips while fighting to his stomach. Pain didn’t seem to matter to Dante at that point. Oh sure, it still hurt to move, but giving up wouldn’t get the Bengal vampire girl cured.

The aura seemed to alter and change, as if it started trying to figure out how to keep this man down. While putting more pressure on the Izurian, a demonic growl that seemed to come from everywhere rang out. A smile appeared on Dante’s face while the thought, “Aww, my resolve upsets you, does it?” took up in his mind. Watching this mortal move, even after having more of its aura bearing down on him, the demon couldn’t understand how he fought it.

Eager to know how Dante had the power to defy it, a bestial voice bounced from wall to wall saying it was surprised to see a human moving after the amount of force asserted. Having a disembodied voice complement the Izurian made a weak chuckle escape his lips while he struggled to get to his feet. When he got to his feet, Dante told whatever was in the room that this human had a will that no one could shake.

After he said that, the entity didn’t say a thing and the warrior felt the ground shaking. For a brief moment, “Perhaps I should not have said that,” slipped past his lips as a pentagram begin to form in front of him. When the star completely formed itself, the stone floor began falling away into the depths of the underworld and a bright light shot up, which illuminated the room. Covering his eyes with one arm, Dante tried to think how long Blackrose had until she would succumb to the poison. Unsure how long it had been since they got to Trankla, the Izurian told himself he needed to try an reason with what came from the hole, but also knew that it couldn’t be reasoned with.

When the light died, a giant three headed dog with a snake tail stood looking at the warrior. The sheer size of the beast blew Dante away as his mind tried refusing to accept that this demon was the great guardian of Hell’s gate, Cerberus. Dante remembered reading about this demon in texts and knew that monsters called Spirit Guardians existed, but he never saw one.

Looking at this pitiful speck of a man made all three of Cerberus’s heads chuckle with a demented laughter, because his mind couldn’t see how such a weak human moved through the aura. Dante knew the fleabag had to be getting a laugh at his expense, but more pressing tasks were at hand. Though knowing it pointless, the Izurian tried asking Cerberus to move aside, but his request fell on deaf ears and a thunderous stomp on the ground that shook the room.

Watching how the quake effected the man with pleased thoughts passing through it’s mind, one of the demon heads told the Izurian that he wasn’t welcome there. Pacing in front of Cerberus trying not to show any emotion, all of Dante’s thoughts focused on the vampire girl and he answered by telling the beast that Blackrose sent him there to see her grandfather about a matter.

What he heard made the already angry demon wanting to rip Dante apart, because it knew the vampire cat didn’t trust humans. With thunder in its voice, Cerberus told the Izurian that she would come herself, not send a human worm, then took a swing at him with it’s huge claw. As Dante jumped away, “Fool, she is on her deathbed and needs Dracula’s help”, but while landing, “Why am I doing this, again?” started to reawaken in his head.

Not caring if Blackrose could be watching him walk or not, the warrior slowly drew his sword and took off toward the demon. While running to meet his would be enemy, Dante kept going over what could best bring the beast down quickly and with little time wasted. As he watched the human rushing to his death, a grin grew on Cerberus’s second head as it began forming an ice projectile and shot it at the man. “Just as I figured,” passed the Izurian’s mouth as he watched the ball of ice approach him. For he knew the beast might not be able to withstand aerial attacks.

Too focused on his target to not see that the demon’s ice froze the Kahimoto’s blade before he jumped, it came as a shock when the blade did no damage coming down. Cerberus wasn’t too pleased at the insect’s attempt and, with a paw, swatted Dante down like a fly. While rolling several times, the warrior’s sword spun out of his hand, but that wasn’t what concerned him at the moment. Knowing the demon might be planning the final blow began weighing on the Izurian’s mind.

Watching Cerberus walking over to him, while the demon’s heads started building ice, fire and lightening up in it’s mouths, Dante’s life flashed before his eyes. “What a way to go, being fried, chilled and struck by lightening all at once,” leaked from the warrior’s lips partly as a joke, but something told him that it might be the end. Not ready to accept that fate and let Blackrose die, the warrior’s eyes scanned the room for anything that could help him get out of this, and locked on two rusty chains and a plan started bubbling in his head.

With a plan taking shape, the Izurian flipped to his feet, but saw a blur quickly fly by him and knock Cerberus to the floor. At first, Dante didn’t know who or what knocked the demon dog across the room. When he saw the vampire cat girl’s thrall in front of the seemingly unconscious demon, a sort of playful surprise feeling came over the warrior and, “Oh great, now you help,” came out of his mouth. After he said that, the thought crossed his mind that Blackrose might have wanted him to work for her help before willing her slave to attack.

“If she did do this, it means the vampire wasn’t as weak as I first suspected,” came from his mouth in a mumble. At that point, questions revolving around what she saw started to fill the Izurian’s mind, but he knew the fear creeping in needed to be stopped, because getting the cure for Blackrose took priority. Stuffing the wonder of what the vampire cat could have observed into a corner of his mind, Dante started to look for his sword when a low growl came from Cerberus and, “I don’t believe this thing still has fight left after being hurled across the room,” crossed the warrior’s lips.

While the demon slowly started to rise, he shot a chilling stare towards the warrior. Looking at this man, Cerberus didn’t understand how the fly before him had the power to knock him out. As the sheer thought of Dante being able to do something that unbelievable made uneasy questions leak into the demon’s heads, all of which started fanning the flames of his anger.

“No one had the power to do that, so how did you, a mere mortal do that?” came from the demon dog’s mouth. After the question came out of Cerberus’s mouth, the feeling of disgrace fanned the fires of the demon’s anger a bit more. Not hearing a response from Dante, sent the demon dog’s blood boiling. To him, the silence was a slap in the face, and Cerberus couldn’t bare that.

After hearing the demon’s words, something snapped in the warrior and he knew the vampire girl had little time. So, planting his feet, Dante focused on the chains that hung above Cerberus and took off running. While the Izurian ran toward the demon, no other thought pressed him more then Blackrose’s health, and before his opponent landed his massive claw on him, Dante leaped into the air, onto the demon’s back.

Cerberus couldn’t stand this flea on his back and began roaring, bucking, anything to get the Izurian off him. For a demon such as him, being defeated by a human wouldn’t go well with the other demons of the underworld. Though many thoughts seemed to overpower the great demon’s mind, Cerberus formed a plan. A slight grin started to appear on one of his heads as it seemed to be telepathically willing it’s tail behind the man.

Even though Dante needed every part of his trained mind to focus on staying on the demon’s back, he couldn’t help but feel like something behind him had its sight on him, ready to strike. The Izurian warrior didn’t place the growing sense of danger until he heard a hissing sound coming closer behind him. “How is a snake behind me?” came from his mouth, but in his limited experience dealing with them, Dante learned not to underestimate devils. Of course the warrior acted as though he had no clue that he was in mortal danger, but when he sensed the snake closing, Dante moved his head to the right, catching the demon’s tail in his hand and flicked it with a finger, making it sleep.

Now that he could, the warrior carefully studied himself, grabbing one of the huge rusty chains and somehow got it tightly around two of Cerberus’s massive heads. Once around the great demon’s necks, Dante knew it would be a matter of time before the chain tightened, cutting off Cerberus’s air, but the Izurian hoped he could hold on until then. With every buck the demon did, “I’m going to be sick,” came out of the warrior’s mouth half jokingly, but as the chain started to apply pressure, Cerberus started feeling light headed.

It didn’t take long for two of the demon’s heads to pass out, and though he resisted the idea, “Maybe this man is more then a human,” crossed his mind. When he convinced himself of that, Cerberus submitted, letting Dante down and the two passed the other a look of respect. “You aren’t just a human are you?” came out of the demon.

At the time, Dante didn’t know how to answer. Oh sure, he could’ve answered with a smart remark, but this wasn’t the time or place for remarks, Blackrose needed her grandfather’s help. “I’m just a warrior, doing a favor for someone,” was all that the Izurian told the demon, because he knew if he told the whole truth, Cerberus could attack again.

Something the Izurian said didn’t sit right with the demon, making him question, “What favor would a human need from a vampire?” When the demon tried to set his feet for a new attack, his vision started to blur, causing the great demon to shake his head a few times. Once his vision cleared, a memory started stirring with in the great demon. He had a hard time recalling a battle that made him feel this way and he took a step forward toward Dante.

Uncertainty of Cerberus’s intentions sent the warrior backing up, questioning whether or not to run, but then he knew the vampire girl wouldn’t get what she needed. Maybe the image of her face did it, he didn’t know, but the Izurian stopped stepping back and stood his ground. Now that he reaffirmed his mission, Dante took a step forward, asking, “Just let me pass, please?”

As he came closer, Cerberus saw something in the warrior that made him stop before the warrior, getting in his face. “I have never faced a human with abilities such as yours, you honor me. You have my blessing to go forth, but…”

Times such as this irritated Dante, because he knew Blackrose’s life hung in the balance and waiting any longer would shorten her already dwindling life. “But what demon?” banged around the warrior’s head as he tried not to let on that his anger began building, but the fear that it might be written all over his face made his arms cross. To him, anymore talk would be pointless, especially now, making Dante say, “Dracula’s granddaughter sent me to ask him for help, because her Sire poisoned her.” When the words came out, he felt like someone else made him say them, because he had no intention of telling the whole truth, for fear of the demon’s reaction.

After hearing the warrior give the reason why he had been there, Cerberus studied the man for a minute, thinking Blackrose would never send someone, much less a human, in her place, unless she couldn’t come herself, making him nod as he said, “I believe your words, go forth and see him, but there will be battles in your future that maybe to much for you. Hold out your arm.”

Holding out his bare arm made Dante uneasy and it showed by how he began shaking, because he had no idea what the demon planned. Watching the man shake made Cerberus kind of understand why the warrior was afraid, letting his paw take a fast swipe, drawing blood from the man then he said, “I require a blood contract,” then disappeared. After the demon disappeared, the Izurian knew how to summon it and began looking for the Kahimoto, but while he looked for it, he noticed the vampire girl’s thrall start to act strangely, twitching and growling.

It didn’t take much for Dante to put together that something had to be wrong with it, but the thought, “Maybe Blackrose is losing control of it,” crossed his mind, but the scene made a feeling of dread come over him. Approaching the growling slave with caution, he saw his blade laying at the now unpredictable girl, making, “Ahh, just my luck, the gods hate me today.” pass his lips as he drew closer. Even though the fear of not knowing how the girl’s thrall would react crept into a corner of the warrior’s mind, but he knew he needed to retrieve his sword, grabbing it while watching the puppet the whole time.

Figuring her puppet might be a lost cause, the Izurian sat in his chair and proceeded into Dracula’s crypt, but something he couldn’t shake had him looking back every minute. While sitting in the blackness of the crypt, many things entered Dante’s mind, making him pace back and forth impatiently, while he muttered, “What now?” Waiting for the vampire’s grandfather, the Izurian’s temper began flaring with every stroke of the wheels, but when he noticed something start to form on the shadowy coffin, he quickly reigned in his emotion.

As soon as Dante saw the unknown form, something made him sit upright, as though the form represented royalty. The thought crossed his mind to speak to it first, but as took a breath, the form spoke. “What doth you, a mere mortal, want? Be fast, boy,” the figure said in a tone that made a icy chill come over the warrior.

Hearing that made the Izurian ask himself, “Can I follow through with this mission,” but as soon the questions became to loud, he began shaking his head, clearing his mind of doubt. “I’ve come on behalf of your granddaughter, Blackrose. She was poisoned by her Sire? And was unable to journey here herself.” After saying that, many things began to whirl in his head, but nothing more pressing then knowing that Dracula might suspect him of lying.

“Alcuard!” the elder vampire said bestially, as if the mere name brought dishonor. Oh sure, he didn’t mean the cat girl ill will, after all, she was family, but for his son to bring her across wasn’t something he wanted to think of, causing Dracula to look at the warrior. Studying this man before him made the vampire grin while thoughts of how easy it would be to kill him, making Dracula snatch the Izurian out of his chair before the warrior blinked. “What makes ye so sure I will give you the cure?” he said snarling, tightening his grip around Dante’s neck with every word.

Feeling the vampire’s grip get tighter had the Izurian trying to work out a way out of this, because he didn’t come this far, just to die in this manner. After little debate, Dante said, “Look, I already took on your son, making him one handed. So, I think we can come to some sort of common ground here.” He sighed, hoping that what came out of his mouth didn’t get him in more trouble, but by the vampire’s look, something told him he struck a nerve.
After thinking it over for a few minutes, the idea of helping his granddaughter out as a way to get at his son started to form, making the elder vampire’s face light up with a demented grin. “Very well, I will give you the cure, but what doth ye offer in return?” Dracula asked as he put the man down.

Dante knew he didn’t have anything but his fighting skills to offer up, and even if he had more, the warrior had no intention to become a vampire’s lapdog. On the other hand, the Izurian had a growing feeling that if he didn’t come up with an offer quickly, Dracula would refuse Blackrose her cure and kill him. Going back to his chair, a thought formed in Dante’s mind, something that seemed like a great leader might say. “Okay, if you do this, then I will aid you in battle or diplomatic matters,” he said, looking at the cat girl’s grandfather, wondering if his mother was at his side, having him say those words.

Dead silence came between the two while Dracula considered the man’s offer. Waiting like this didn’t seem like a outcome would fall into Dante’s lap, of course he tried to laugh, thinking, “This whole trip wasn’t fun, so why would this be different?” but any laughter needed to be restricted due to the nature of this matter and continued to wait for the verdict.

“Agreed,” Dracula said while nodding. While approaching the man, a old bottle filled with a liquid appeared in the vampire’s hand as he said, “This is the cure for Greenspore sickness. It is most likely what she has, but ye must be sure she drinks all of it.”

The elder vampire stopped in front of Dante, holding his hand out, giving the cure to the man. Before the Izurian took it, something made him grab Kahimoto’s handle, as if he felt something creeping up behind him. With one quick motion, Dante went to pull it, but before he could, an arm came around his neck tightly, choking the life from the warrior. Gasping for air, the warrior tried to come up with a counter, but a voice said in his ear, “I will not allow you to save that mistake, DIE!”

Instantly, the Izurian knew the voice belonged to Blackrose’s Sire and a technique filled his mind, causing everything to become clear. Jerking his arm, a dagger came out of its concealment and into his hand. Dante knew the reason why the now renegade thrall acted strangely was Blackrose lost her control over it to Alcuard. Twirling the blade, Dante plunged it into the puppet, the force of the blow released the hold on him.

After witnessing what the man did to something that clearly had a advantage over him, Dracula saw a strength in him that hasn’t awaken yet, causing the vampire to respect him. Of course he would never come out and say it, it wasn’t his way, but he couldn’t deny the power within the human, ready to surface. “Do you need me to send ye back?” he asked the Izurian, knowing that a spell such as his granddaughter cast might put unneeded strain on her.

Looking at the vampire, the warrior gave a nod, accepting his help because Dante felt he didn’t want to push Blackrose past her limit. Especially when he knew full well the battle she must have waged with Alcuard for control of the thrall. Waving a hand, casting the spell, Dracula said, “You take care of her,” before the man fully disappeared from sight.

Back in the cave, the warrior quickly surmised that the vampire girl didn’t have but moments to live. With no distractions, Dante got a old clay tea cup, a cup he used for his tea and cut himself, letting the blood drip into it. He didn’t know how long she had, so he began pouring the cure, mixing it with the crimson. Holding it over Blackrose’s gasping mouth, he whispered, “Try drinking this,” and tipped it, letting her sip it.

To Be Continued…

Copyright: 2016-2018 Shadowlight996

Replaying Crysis 2 (PC)

For months. gaming on my PC has been put on the back burner because of stories and things, (namely, my ex girlfriend, wanting me to role play my book all day).  Add to that the fact that I was getting my mojo back on track so gaming on PC again wouldn’t feel so alien to me anymore. Well, though I have yet to beat Crysis 2, I’ve started a new campaign, but this time I’m doing things differently.


While most computer gamers might cut my head off for this, some games, I use a Logitech F310 & I bind the necessary keys/mouse buttons to it, which works well. Anyway, when playing this second time, I’m finding that my aim is better, I don’t die to much and the game is much more enjoyable for me. True, being one handed means that I take areas of the game carefully, (I can’t run & gun easy), so I cloak, sneaking past tanks and some enemies. Who knows, I may feel okay enough to post some game play on here and my you tube channel! 🙂

Starcross Love Chapter II

Starcross Love
Chapter II: Enter Blackrose


Author’s note: Blackrose is a vampire cat girl of my own creation. Her and all characters herein are protected by me.

Following the guards who were carrying the queen’s body, Dante still had trouble accepting the fact she was dead. While he was trying to come to terms with her death, images of happier times Queen Chanista and the warrior spent together flashed into his mind, bringing a tear to his eye. Though he knew crying couldn’t be helped under the current state of things, Dante figured the guard would see weakness if any of them saw him like this, so he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Wheeling out of the tunnel, the Izurian warrior saw the guards backing away from their queen’s body like they were afraid of something. His eyes were scanning the surrounding area for anything out of place, but saw nothing, so in his mind the question was, What has them acting like they’ve just seen something not of this world? As he went over to her body, Dante ordered a couple of the guards to stand aside and make room for him, something they did without question.

As soon as he got there, the warrior saw his dead friend’s body morphing into something, but what he didn’t want to guess. Waiting and watching this to unfold, a memory of a meeting between Queen Chanista and his mother, Yoruichi started to play in his mind, but he couldn’t recall what they talked about. Dante was left to wonder if the subject they had met about had anything to do with what his eyes were witnessing now.

Still watching what some would call the work of a spell weaver, the troops began to mumble amongst themselves, saying Queen Chanista was a sorceress. “Do they not know or care that I can hear this?” went through Dante’s mind while he listened to the lies. Unable to take the whispers about his friend, Dante put his hand on the Kahimoto sword’s handle as if to draw it, ordering the guards to hold their tongues or face his blade.

“But sir,” weakly came from a guard in the group, because the thought could the one who trained them not see what was happening? entered the knight’s mind. Their teacher just mumbled something the soldiers couldn’t make out, but they didn’t want to find themselves on his bad side, so they just continued to watch. As Dante continued watching what was unfolding with Queen Chanista’s body, both he and the knights began to notice pieces of it were breaking away like clay.

Knowing she was no sorceress, the question, “What was going on with his friend?” went through the Izurian’s mind. Of course no matter who or what she really was at the end of this, the fact would remain, she would be queen of Daltauria, but above all, his friend. When whatever it was that went on was over, everyone but Dante gasped in shock at what they saw.

A body of a calico cat woman was left before the warriors. A few of the knights were blinking their eyes in disbelief because of what they saw. Oh they were loyal to her in life, but they were visibly shaken to see her true form. One soldier, to Dante’s right, began to act disgusted at his queen, spitting on her dead body and starting to walk away.

Watching that blatant disrespect for the dead filled Dante with anger and before the knight got far, the queen’s friend caught up to him, with his blade drawn. When he got close to the man, Dante held his sword to the knight’s neck, making him stop. Neither man knew what the other would do, but the Izurian warrior told the man that his action was a free pass to hell.

“That thing was not the queen I served,” escaped the knight’s lips in a mutter while going for his sword to draw it. What he just heard was making Dante’s anger boil over and he took the man’s head with no hesitation. After sheathing the Kahimoto, Queen Chanista’s friend turned toward the soldiers, who knew he had to kill the knight. While rolling back to the group, the warrior’s eyes were scanning the rest of the knights, wondering if the rest could be trusted.

Sure, the soldiers’ loyalty would be with their queen, whether human or feline, but they needed to prove it to the man who was now peering at them. When Dante got back to the queen’s body, he began to look at her, remembering her in life. Though friends, he found her alluring, like he could’ve been attracted to her if she had lived. While looking at her, a way to test the knights’ loyalty entered his mind.

Taking her sword and stabbing it in the earth before him, Dante instructed each of them to use her blade, draw blood and have it drip on the sword. Even though the knights knew that they were loyal to Queen Chanista, after their former Conrad dishonored himself, the warriors did what he asked. After the last person took the oath, they knelt before him. While looking over the troops, Dante told each of them that he knew it would be hard, but now they had to go into hiding, raise more troops and strike Alexandros, in the queen’s name.

After hearing what he said, some of the knights started to talk amongst themselves and the queen’s friend heard, “Are you not coming with us, sir?” coming from the group. Hearing them talk amongst themselves reminded the Izurian warrior how annoying it sounded and he raised his hand, bringing an instant hush over the crowd.

He was never good at speeches, he knew this, but he had to address them somehow. Giving a sigh to ready himself, Dante said the first thing that popped in his head, “I know this will not be an easy war. However, I will call on you soon and we will end this war her son started, so the queen can rest in peace.” It took him a few minutes of shaking his head until the warrior finally convinced himself he just said that. Oh, Dante heard the words, but it almost seemed as though he’d been under someone’s power as he’d spoken them.

Queen Chanista’s knights wasted no time giving the man they saw as their leader thunderous cheers. Sure, Dante’s training and the way he had acted toward them was viewed as hard in the beginning, but now they were glad to call him one of them. Hearing the soldiers praising him was filling the Izurian warrior with pride, but he knew all of them had one final duty to perform for their queen.

With only a look at the body of his friend, Dante made the group go silent and each one knew what had to be done. Her knights had been versed in the royal Daltaurian funeral traditions, but hoped they would never need them, at least not in this manner Slowly building a pyre made of logs that were around them, her knights were ready to lay Queen Chanista to rest. Almost all had tears streaming from their eyes, but most of all, it affected Dante.

While he looked on, he was trying to seek solace in the memories he had of her, but each time thinking how Alexandros caused the death of his own mother fueled the Izurian’s hatred. Dante knew what his own mother would say on the subject of hate, but felt she would understand if she was looking in on him from the other world. As one knight lit a piece of wood to use as a torch, the way they were looking at him told Dante the soldiers wanted him to send their queen on her journey.

Though this was his first funeral, he knew Queen Chanista would want him to release her from this plain. So the Izurian warrior was wheeling his chair up to do his service and before he set her body on fire, Dante said goodbye in the language of his land. While setting the pyre ablaze, all the knights stood around it with their swords drawn, bowing their heads.

After watching his friend turn to ash, Dante told the group that even though it was hard right now they must go before they were seen. Giving a nod to let him know they understood, the knights sheathed their weapons and began to march into the forest, but the girl who he had sparred against knelt in front of his chair. “Please allow me to travel with you, sir,” the young woman weakly asked.

While looking at the girl, his grief stricken mind started to try to remember the name of the female knight before him. Though muddled by thoughts of the queen, the name Elisa came to the Izurian’s mind. Looking at the girl, Dante started weighing the pros and cons of bringing her with him, but he knew Alexandro’s spies would be after them. “Could he risk another girl he called friend?” rang in his mind, but if things got out of hand, Dante put sending the woman away.

Within a month, the Izurian warrior and his companion were making raids on Alexandros’ trade routes and it looked as though he was getting madder with each attack Dante pulled off. In his throne room, the boy who had the nerve to call himself king had a messenger sent to find someone or something that could remove the thorn in his side. As the knight took off into the night, he knew of a vampire that might do the job, but only if her price was met.

Riding throughout the land to find this vampire girl, a memory started to stir within the knight of when he first saw the vampire. The knight didn’t understand why the memory of himself as a child gave him ease. Nor did he know why she saved him, but her face was burned into his mind. While still riding, her face kept flashing in front of him, until he heard her say Blackrose.

As he rode deeper into the forest, the trees and everything around him started to take on an eerier sense. While the sky began to darken, he could feel something watching from the trees and his mind started to wonder if it was the vampire he was seeking. Pulling the reins on his horse to stop it from walking, he was left to ponder whether to call her name or not. The knight knew the vampire wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if she didn’t recognize him, but if he didn’t try to reason with the creature, she would kill him.

It was now or never and as the darkness crept behind him, he yelled Blackrose as loud as he could. The silence of the blackness was so still that he began wondering the vampire was plotting on making him her meal. An unsettling tone seemed to bounce around the trees as it was asking, Why are you in my forest, human?

From her tone, the knight was left to wonder if she remembered him at all and the thought, maybe it was a bad idea to recruit her, took hold. Thinking this was a bad idea to take the vampire into the king’s ranks made the knight shake in fear, but hearing her repeat herself louder forced him to decide not to ask her to aid his majesty.

A Bengal cat girl with dark hair halfway down her back and gashes on both of her ears started to step from her dark haven, looking at the knight. Blackrose didn’t know why this man sought her out, she started to walk toward him as if she was planning to feed on him. “Why have you ventured into certain doom, human?” she was asking while approaching him.

As the knight was backing away from the vampire girl, thoughts of ways to save his skin were flooding into his mind. With a slight sound of fear in his voice, he told her that he wanted to meet the girl from his memory. What he said made Blackrose stop and think for a minute, but she knew the knight had to be keeping something from her. Arching an eyebrow, a dark smirk ran across her lips and she started to laugh as if she was insane.

Hearing the vampire laugh was sending chills through the knight and he knew this girl wasn’t the girl he remembered from childhood. To him, she seemed cold and he was fearing what she would do to him, but keeping his true reason why he sought her out seemed more important then his own life. Watching Blackrose continue to walk towards him made the frightened knight inch backward. The black hearted cat girl could smell her feast’s fear and it made her mouth almost water with anticipation.

He stepped back until a tree blocked his path, but he saw the vampire cat creeping closer and he started to tremble, because he wondered what her plan could be. It pleased Blackrose to see her mouse trapped like this. She thought it was to easy, but to her humans always were easy prey. When she got near him, he watched in terror as the cat girl’s eyes blacked out and she held him still by the neck.

While the vampire girl had him pinned, he could feel her entering his mind and he started twitching from the intruder. As she started searching his mind for what he hid from her, Blackrose ran across the memory of when she saved a child, making her stop the mental attack. “This was the human child I saved?” she asked herself and backed out the knight’s mind with the information she wanted. After releasing her hold on the man, Blackrose told him that she would kill this Dante for the king, but next time, he would die, and vanished into the shadows.

A few minutes passed before the knight was free from his own fear. Sure he knew she meant her words she spoke, but hoped he would never feel her wrath. Mounting his horse, he kept going back and forth on whether to tell his king about this deal he made with a she devil or not. The question haunted him while he rode back, but in some odd way, the knight felt a sense of misguided loyalty to the vampire girl. As she watched him ride off, Blackrose smiled happily when she entertained the thought of killing this warrior.

With her mind already forming plans for Dante’s final act, the vampire flew to find her next meal, but rather then killing the poor fool, she would make them her servant and observe the target before delivering the final blow. After landing in a dark alley, Blackrose used her cape’s hood to cover her cat ears and went looking for a victim. The cat girl already had a plan to lure the man or woman to her. Walking into a street market in front of the Dragmoia temple, she knew that she couldn’t enter, for just the sight of the white stone walls made her ill.

Of course she was a vampire and would forever be unable to walk in holy light, but there was another reason Blackrose hated the temple. Waiting for her prey to present itself, the cat girl’s memory started to recall a time before she was turned. She remembered her father forcing her to follow the Dragmoia religion and she hated it, but most of all him for it. The more the vampire girl had time to dwell on what she saw was a stain of a memory, the more she wanted to rip her father’s throat out.

Blackrose quickly came to her senses as her ears started to twitch at the voices of the cat’s unwitting prey. Knowing her fun would begin soon began to fill the girl’s undead heart with a perverse joy as she made her way over to the priest and priestess. As if on cue, the cat girl began crying and the objects of her scheme rushed to her side asking what was the matter. Though she couldn’t look at them because of the holy talismans around their neck, Blackrose told them that her child was deathly ill and they needed to come help.

She had the two follow her and as the cat lead them to the alley, Blackrose’s grin began to present itself, because the two didn’t know what she had in store. When the girl got them far enough into the darkness, the priest and priestess asked where the child was, but the vampire answered with her dark laugh. As Blackrose turned to her victims, her eyes started to go black while she told them they were too trusting.

The two holy people stepped back while reaching for their talismans, but before they put a hand on them, the vampire cat raised her arm and she shot a black energy ball, shooting the talismans off the chains. Not ready to accept what his eyes witnessed her do, the priest looked at his companion, telling her to run, but when he looked back at the vampire, all he saw was the darkness about to swallow him whole. When it did, all that was heard of the priest was his screams of terror and agony.

When the darkness lifted from where he had stood, his body looked as though it had been torn apart. Body parts and blood were all that remained of the man, but the priestess saw the cat girl licking blood off her claws happily. All the while Blackrose licked them dry, her eyes fixed themselves on the female in robes, because she knew the priestess would soon be useful to her. Reading how the cat girl looked at her, the priestess knew she better get back to the safety of the temple walls, but fear had her in its grip, and not letting go.

After she was done preening the blood off her claws, the vampire girl started to approach the woman that would become her thrall and serve her. Though the priestess could see Blackrose coming toward her, all the will to run from the undead cat seemed to be draining from her body. As Blackrose held her new servant’s chin, she tilted the priestess’s head to the side, exposing her neck. The cat girl’s fangs appeared, ready to pierce the woman’s flawless skin.

As the vampire girl lowered her fangs to her victims neck, the priestess started to pray to the Air Dragon for protection. A small yelp came from her lips as Blackrose sunk her fangs in and as the cat girl drank her blood, the priestess shook because she knew she would die or become a vampire herself. The undead cat removed her fangs after taking enough to start the victim’s descent.

The cat looked at the priestess and her dark smile appeared on her face before walking into the shadows. As she held her hand over the still bleeding wounds, the priestess questioned why the vampire smiled at her, but that wasn’t important. It didn’t take long before the priestess began to feel light headed and her thoughts started to become clouded .

She knew she needed to get to the temple while still conscious, but as the priestess started to fumble back up the steps she fell and passed out. The holy men and women who looked on could see the vampire’s mark upon the priestess’s neck, and, though she was a part of that temple, some refused to give her aid. Others came to carry the limp girl’s body inside, but while doing so, they didn’t know what horror they invited in.

The people rushed her into a room, getting bandages, boiled water and began dressing the bite. While cleaning the puncher wounds with holy water, the priestess started thrashing about so bad that a few of the holy people needed to hold her down. When they saw the girl react to the liquid made questions begin to fill the room about whether or not she could be saved. Questions continued to fly while they tied her down and after doing so everyone emptied the room.

That night, the priestess saw unsettling images of death and destruction at the hands of the vampire girl who bit her. The priestess tried fighting Blackrose as her mind blended with the holy girl’s but the cat girl quickly took control. With a gesture of her hand, the cat made the restraints disappear from her thrall’s wrists and ankles.

When the restraints disappeared, the cat lifted her hand which made the priestess rise. Blackrose smiled while testing the tool that would be used in her plot against Dante. Like a puppet on strings, the cat girl made the priestess punch and tackle an invisible enemy. Once satisfied, Blackrose’s face formed in her thrall’s mind, telling the priestess to come to her.

With a blank expression on her face, the once holy lady slowly made her way out of the room and down the temple’s stone hall. A priest who came to check on her saw the priestess walking to the door and stepped in her path asking her what was wrong. The priestess’s breathing became labored as her face molded into a smile while thoughts flowed in her head. Some force in the seemingly mindless girl made her back fist the unsuspecting man with superhuman strength, making him hit the wall.

After knocking him aside, a demonic laugh came from the priestess like she took some sort of twisted pleasure at the deed her mistress made her do. When the possessed girl finished laughing about what she did, she continued walking out to her mistress. Blackrose appeared by a tree to meet her servant and her thrall got on a knee before the cat girl’s feet.

Watching her slave at her feet gave the vampire girl delight because she knew this game of cat and mouse could now begin. The cat disappeared with her slave to hunt their prey and, using her heighten senses, it didn’t take long to find the man Blackrose set herself up to kill. As the vampire and her thrall passed overhead, a chill went up Dante’s spine.

At the same time when his hand took hold of the Kahimoto sword’s handle, the question what was that started rattling in his mind. While his eyes scanned the area, Dante knew something was there, because it had felt as though something had walked over his grave.

Looking out into the void, Elisa wondered what the man she had traveled with saw. Sure, she knew Dante seemed to have supernatural abilities that he used in battle, but she couldn’t see any threat. Wondering if she should draw her sword or not, the woman knew the man never slept too much, so it would stand to reason that he could be unbalanced, but she wasn’t sure.

Minutes that felt like hours passed until the girl saw Dante’s grip on his sword relax and she gave a sigh of relief. Even though his hand came off the blade’s handle, the Izurian warrior still had a feeling something or someone had their eyes on him. He couldn’t stand mind games, whoever it was in the shadows, in his mind had no honor to face him. After thinking that however, Dante realized he needed to settle himself, because whatever it was would make its’ presence known soon enough.

As the two started going into a dive of a tavern, the dark mist began to lift, revealing Blackrose and her thrall. “So, this man’s my prey?” the cat asked herself in a mumble. A grin appeared on her face while the image of him danced in her head and she knew she saw anger in him. Wanting to waste no time, Blackrose waved her hand and a brown cloak appeared, dressing her slave The vampire girl instructed her servant to go in and let her observe more of him.

With the same blank stare, the cat girl’s mindless puppet walked into the filth infested building, seating herself in a dark corner of the room, behind Dante and his companion. An eerie pleasure took hold of Blackrose while using her thrall’s eyes to gather more on her target and at some point, the question, “What is this human girl to him?” started to run through the cat girl’s head.

As with anything of the sort, relations didn’t matter to the vampire cat, because she began entertaining ways to kill the human female. In the tavern, a man who looked like he had to much to drink began staggering up to Dante from behind. Either he didn’t see the man coming, or it didn’t concern him, whatever the case, the Izurian warrior started taking the Kahimoto apart to clean it.

He started wiping the steel blade down with the polish his mother, Yoruichi, gave him before he left to come here. The drunk started to bait Dante by saying that Daltauria went to trash since Queen Chanista’s death. It wasn’t surprising that no reaction came from the sitting warrior, for he knew this. Continuing to see how far he could goad Dante before he reacts, the drunk said it was his fault she died.

After Dante heard what the man said, his mood changed to anger. Sure, he knew that the guy just wanted to hear himself talk, but the Izurian did all he could for the queen, after all, they were friends. Elisa knew from her companion’s expression that the man had best stop if he had a value on his life, but like any other man addicted to the drink, he kept talking. While the man kept spouting nonsense, all that went through Dante’s head was, “You know NOTHING!”

As the cat girl watched this unfold through her slave’s eyes, Blackrose started to question why her target wasn’t reacting to the drunk’s accusations. She knew that if the drunk came up to her and started talking in this way, she would have no trouble taking his life. The vampire girl continued observing and waited. Back inside, Dante could no longer take the man’s lie that it was the Izurian’s fault for everything.

Nobody, not even Blackrose, saw Dante when he went for the handle, which sat on the table. With lightening speed, the warrior hit the man’s throat with the butt of it and before the dazed man knew what happen, the warrior grabbed a handful of hair, slamming the drunk’s head against the wooden table. What the vampire girl saw her target just do made her dark grin appear on her furry face, because something told her that she shared something with this human, which could make killing him more enjoyable for her.

While the drunk laid motionless on the dirt ridden floor, Dante told him he did everything humanly possible to keep Queen Chanista from death and if the man hates how the land is then DO something about it. After saying that, the memory of when he saw his friend dead started to flash before his eyes, forcing the warrior to question the subject again. Sure, Dante knew he did everything he could for her in life, but if he did something differently, maybe she would be alive today.

The question kept biting at him while he put the Kahimoto sword together. Elisa didn’t see her travel companion like this before. To her, it seemed as though the man she looked up to took on a darker personality and the woman started to wonder if she should say something or not. When the last piece of his sword had been put in place, Dante put it back in its’ sheath and looked at the girl. She knew by his look that they were about to head out.

Satisfied with what she learned about her target, Blackrose made a gesture with her hand, summoning her thrall back to her side. Eager to get the game off, the vampire cat girl smirked as she and her puppet began to walk into the shadows, to follow the pair. While jumping through shadows, Blackrose’s ears started twitching as the vampire got close to her prey. Both Blackrose and her slave perched themselves on a branch of a tree that faced an old inn.

That same chill came up the Izurian warrior’s spine as before when outside the tavern. Looking out of the window, something didn’t sit right about the feeling this time. His hand took hold of his sword, which he kept beside him at all times. Something told him that he should get into his chair and ready himself for whatever this might be. Not a second went by after he seated himself in the wheelchair did a voice call out saying, “So, you are my prey.”

He knew the disembodied voice belonged to a woman, but it had a cold tone to it. Dante scanned the room with eyes as his hand started drawing the Kahimoto from it’s scabbard. Being toyed with like this had to be the worst thing that made him mad since coming to this land. Elisa shot out of her bed like something drove her from it, but Dante gave a look, telling her to stay back.

Rolling his chair outside the building, the Izurian saw darkness retreat from the area, revealing a Bengal cat girl and a girl that looked as if her mind wasn’t her own. By the look of the cat she couldn’t be any girl and though he had been in this land a short time, Dante recalled talk of a race of vampire cats. While looking at her, he knew that seeing this type of vampire wasn’t common, but , “She should not be taken lightly.” crossed his mind on more then one occasion

The thought also occurred to him that Alexandros had hired her to kill him, but no, this vampire looked like she wanted to hunt for fun, nothing else. Even though he knew this vampire girl marked him in her twisted game, Dante found himself drawn by the cat girl, the same way he found Queen Chanista attractive. “She is here to kill me,” the Izurian had to keep reminding himself to keep from getting caught off guard.

The way she read his body language gave Blackrose power, because she knew her toy questioned himself about fighting her. While drawing her sword, the steel scrapped along the rickety scabbard, making a loud evil noise and the vampire girl could tell the sound bothered her play thing. Though she only observed him a short time and Blackrose didn’t know how this man did in battle, but to her, this would be his test for her to see what he could do.

With her smirk plastered on her face the vampire girl chose to send her thrall in first as a sacrificial lamb, but before the mindless woman could get near Dante, Elisa ran and tackled the puppet. What the Izurian warrior saw sent him screaming at the girl, because he told her to stay back, but he didn’t know the vampire cat planned this and she launched after him with superhuman speed. Even though his eyes had been off Blackrose for a second, when he turned back to look at the vampire, he saw the cat girl bringing her sword down from overhead.

At the last second, the Izurian brought the Kahimoto up and blocked the vampire girl’s blade. He couldn’t believe that he let himself get distracted like this, he knew he had been trained better. Blackrose saw her prey’s mind on his companion’s well being, so she started applying more force downward, making Dante’s arms bend. Several thoughts began to flood through the Izurian’s mind at once, but what needed done about the cat girl’s blade, that seemed to be closing, took priority.

Dante knew of one technique that could work to get her off him, but it had a degree of risk. Unable to think of anything better, the warrior began bending one arm, parrying the vampire’s blade over his shoulder and using the Kahimoto’s butt, he hit the undead cat in the side of her face. Though able to shrug off the strikes easily, Blackrose jumped away from her target and told him that she was impressed by his resourcefulness.

She spoke the truth when she said that, because, throughout her immortal life, the cat girl couldn’t recall anybody that parried her like that. Dante didn’t know if the vampire meant what she said as a compliment or something to mislead him, so he reset his stance, waiting for her next move. Blackrose set her stance as well, though she knew she had her powers on her side, the vampire girl wanted to play this mortal’s game.

Questions started to enter the vampire cat’s mind while studying her mortal target’s eyes, trying to guess his move. Of course the feline could use her powers and read his mind, but it would defeat the test she set for him. Looking back at her, Dante knew he had a disadvantage because of the ground being rocky and uneven. To him, if he had to reveal that he could walk, the vampire would press her attacks harder. He wasn’t saying that Blackrose’s first attack wasn’t easy to get away from, but if she found out his secret, she would most definitely finish him.

The time of judgment came when both the vampire cat and her target came at each other at full speed. Though he had the Kahimoto sword in a hand, Dante began going faster, but the ground wasn’t making it easy. At a point of coming toward him, Blackrose spun her body to add momentum to her attack and so did the Izurian warrior. A loud bang could be heard when the vampire cat girl’s sword crossed with her target’s blade and she gave a bestially growl.

While parrying the other’s blade to get advantage, the vampire started to be surprised at how her mouse could keep pace with her. For Blackrose, this might be the first male she could respect, but in her mind, she still wanted to see his blood on her crawls. Dante, on the other hand felt like he could get lost in the undead cat’s eyes, as if he saw a fate with her. He knew that wouldn’t be, of course, because she most likely had other plans if he lost.

Dante didn’t see how it happened, but the vampire girl knocked his sword from his hand, sending it spinning until the blade came to rest in the earth. She won, he knew this, so looking into her eyes, the Izurian gave the vampire cat a bow telling her that she fought well, take his head. Blackrose grinned widely and started twirling her sword while the pure high of a kill excited her, but as her sword came down, she stopped.

The undead cat knew she wanted to kill this man before her, it had been why she tracked him and waited for all this time. So she began asking herself, “Why did I stop myself?” For the vampire girl, questions about killing had no place in her mind, she killed out of necessity or pleasure. When Dante lifted his head, he could see the vampire cat wrestling with questions that were obviously preying on her mind. Blackrose came to the conclusion that she couldn’t kill him, because she respected him as a warrior, but next time she faced him, her blade would bath in his blood.

With that firmly edged in her mind, the vampire put her blade back in its’ sheath and started to back away, never taking her eyes off him. To the cat girl, this set back just prolonged her fun and she told Dante this, even though her mind still flooded with questions. After motioning for her thrall, who had Elisa pinned on the ground, shadows came behind Blackrose and both she and her slave disappeared.

Though he knew his travel companion wouldn’t like what had to be done, Dante needed to put her somewhere safe, because it became clear that he couldn’t fight while worrying about her. Oh, he admitted that she helped him tremendously, but if the vampire made good on her promise, he couldn’t allow his friend hurt or killed. As he made his way to retrieve his sword, thoughts of how to tell Elisa started forming in his head, but Dante knew however way he told her, the girl wouldn’t like it.

When he took the Kahimoto out of the ground, a quick motion of the Izurian’s wrist sent it upright in his hand. After putting it back in its sheath, Dante sighed slightly while turning his wheelchair and going to tell her what she didn’t want to hear. He knew what her reaction would be, but she had to know his decision was made to keep her safe. After all no matter what she said, his word would be final and Elisa would need to respect it.

When he told her, her face began to tell him that she didn’t like it, but being with the man, who she looked upon like a mentor, Elisa knew the Izurian warrior had her safety in mind.”Understood,” she said while giving a bow and the two started walking off. As they traveled, seeking a place that his companion could be safe, something kept poking the corner of Dante’s mind. When the vampire cat appeared, she had what looked like a priestess serving her.

This left the question of, “How the woman happen to fall under the vampire’s power?” From what he knew, the cat girl couldn’t enter holy places, no vampire could. After entertaining that a while, drawing the conclusion that she lured the woman off the grounds and bit her. Knowing that, Dante told Elisa not to go outside the temple under any circumstance once he left her there.

Though she knew he would never admit it, the female knight saw the worry in her mentor’s eyes and gave a nod, agreeing to his terms. As soon as a Dragmoia temple came into sight, the Izurian warrior let out a heavy sigh of relief. True, he heard the followers the religion were said to worship four dragon gods of Ervere, but the sigh came from knowing his friend would be safe if the vampire girl appeared.

The heavy iron door knocker made a earth shaking noise while Dante started using it to summon someone. After knocking a few times, the waiting seemed to take forever and the warrior’s eyes began scanning the surrounding area as if the vampire could strike at any moment. When the large wooden began to creek open, an old bald priest greeted the two. As Dante sat by the door, he began to explain to the holy man that his traveling companion needed shelter for now.

By the look in the Izurian’s eyes told the priest everything and, moving aside, he let Elisa in. After she went in, the girl looked at her mentor with worry in her eyes. Dante saw the worry within her, but he knew he did the right thing and turned away. He could feel Elisa’s eyes staring at him while wheeling into the dark, but saying goodbye wasn’t one of his strong points and goodbye sounded too final.
To be continued….

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Starcrossed Love Chapter I

Before you read the first chapter, please note my writing gets better in later chapters, so no chopping my head off. Furthermore if you have feedback, by all means share, but be constructive.


Starcrossed Love
Chapter I: Prologue


Author’s note: I’ve taken the draft of my book, and I’m rewriting it in hopes to make it better. Add details, but most of all, edit in parts that I wanted in. However, it also meant throwing things out that did not work. As always, Blackrose, Dante, and characters herein are mine, stealing them or any ideas are not allowed.


Rated Mature: For violence/gore, language, and adult themes. So if you object, turn away now!


On the planet of Ervere, catpeople, humans, and vampires exist. However, for one warrior, things will push him to his limit. Will he face the path set before him, or back down?

While a young man was reading something written on a parchment, he looked up at the two milky white moons and gave a light sigh of what could be regret. “Mother, I knew this day would come.” The thought rattled in Dante’s brain while he looked up at the full moons. Emotions on the subject seemed to be void to the warrior as he got lost in a memory of the last time he and his mother and mentor shared about his business that brought him to this land, and his secret.

As he packed his fighting gear, a woman was in another room sipping tea. He was really going, then… “Dante! Come here, have some tea with me, before you… go.” Her voice dropped on the last word. She didn’t like to think of Dante on his own… oh, she had trained him for that, but reality was always so much harsher than one expected. She was worried for him, pure and simple, it was not an easy life he’d chosen…

He wheeled in, but knew from her face that she wasn’t happy with the thought of him going off to an unknown land. “Mom, I’ll listen but…” he said as he poured tea.

“I just… I want to know… I mean…” She sighed and shook her head before trying again, “You know things will be hard, right? I know I can’t stop you, even though I might like to… I just feel you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into!”

“Mom, I know that, due to my condition, people won’t take me seriously at first, and want to test me. However, you didn’t want to train me at first, remember?” A sigh crossed his lips, and Dante continued, “You know that, your tea helped and I can walk, but this is my secret advantage.” He handed her cup to her.

She gave a small, despairing laugh at her son’s words, though her hands closed around the tea cup. “You don’t even know if this tea will be available over there! What do you know about that land at all! I… I worry. Mother’s prerogative… At least take that with you when you go?” She motioned to a box on the counter, she’d made it for him earlier, “It’s nearly waterproof, and should have enough to last… well, it will depend on how much you drink, and of course you might not even actually need it any more…”


He looked at the box she had on the counter, then looked back at her with worry. “I owe you much, mom, but can I speak freely?” the young fighter asked between sips.


Sighing again, the woman nodded. “Yes… please do, Dante.”


“You know this choice wasn’t easy to make for me either. Especially knowing that SHE might come for you.” Anger replaced his usual light hearted tone and Dante added, “If she makes good on her threat, I’ll send her to the afterlife the hard way!”


“Dante! Don’t let anger rule you…” His mother sounded sad, but she forced a smile. “Now go on. If you’ve chosen this life, you’d best set to it.” There didn’t seem to be much else to say.


“I’m sorry, mom, you’re right. I just…” His words fell off after that outburst, because he had never raised his voice to her before. “You sure I can have the Kahimoto sword?”


“Yes, I am sure! I have never been more sure of a gift I’ve given…” Her smile this time was genuine. “You’ll use it well, I know. After all, isn’t that what you’ve been training for?”


“I figured, like everything, you’d test me before you gave it to me,” he said in a light chuckle before he took it from its stand. “Thank you, mom, I’ll be home when this job is complete, by my honor I swear.”


When the memory faded from his mind, he knew he needed to reach Queen Chanista’s kingdom by night’s end. After rolling up the letter with great care, Dante started to wheel his chair through the moonlit land. While moving through the land, the people around him didn’t want to make a path for him. He knew his life was going to be hard, but in his mind, these uncivilized people needed to have their legs broken.


Like phases of Evere’s moons, the warrior’s mood kept shifting from his light hearted attitude to anger, but his mother’s words echoed in his mind. It wasn’t easy to do, but Dante controlled himself and gave a sigh of relief when the castle came into view. Seeing the tall granite structure filled his weary eyes with joy, but there were no guards at the gate, which to him seemed odd.


With a jerk of the chair’s wheels, the fighter launched himself through the giant open gate, and into the castle, not slowing for anything that might be in his path. For all he knew, his friend, Queen Chanista, might be in danger. When the door to the throne room was in sight, Dante’s right hand took a hold of the sword’s handle, ready to unsheath it quickly, if needed. As soon as he entered the room, the swordsman noticed the knights, both men and women, staring at him.


They only stopped what was, to him, a needless shouting match for a short minute and started again, like children when they don’t get their way. “Uneducated scum,” rattled in his mind as he witnessed the fighting, but a thunderous pounding from a sheathed sword echoed, silencing the room.


“We must not quarrel among ourselves in this time of importance,” a female voice commanded from the throne. As if the guards were knocked down from their pillar, each one knelt on a knee.


Dante’s face molded into a grin and the wheeled warrior said, “Well my friend, looks as though you never lost your ability to bring order.” His head raised from the bow with a great smile and the queen nodded slightly as she saw him. For a moment, she thought he was a phantom, and her eyes blinked several times before she would accept that her friend was sitting in her presence.


When the auburn-haired woman realized her eyes weren’t deceiving her, she put her double bladed broadsword aside and quickly got up to go greet him. Even though she was making her way down to hug him, the queen kept expecting the warrior to fade away. When Queen Chanista stopped in front of Dante’s chair, she bent down and the two gave each other a warm embrace.


“I knew you would come, my friend,” she stated in a whisper while hugging him.


“I came as soon as I could, M’lady,” he responded in the same tone as hers. While the long time friends hugged, the queen’s guard looked at this man, who seemed to be held in high regard by their ruler, and wondered how he would fight, since he couldn’t walk.


After they finished their greeting, the queen stood to Dante’s left and addressed her guards, “This man will fight beside all of us, in my name.” Her eyes were scanning the people as she paused and added, “You will all respect him and follow his orders.”


Not a second after their leader told them that they were suppose to follow this stranger into a possible battle, the crowd started to bicker again, which made him curse them under his breath. Out of the noise of verbal scum flinging, a man’s voice loudly stated, “Hmph, there is no way we’ll follow this diseased animal to battle.” The knight looked at Dante with disgust as he stepped from the group.


The queen took a breath to answer, but her friend put his arm out in front of her, as if to stop her from saying a word. With a look of utter disregard for what the man just said to his highness, Dante said, “Oh this is really a good way to prepare for war, fight amongst each other.” He wheeled to a clearing in the room, took two kali sticks out of his bag before he dropped it and added, “If you wish to test me, you may do so now!”


“I, Sir Uric, will!” the knight from earlier said, a tall man with dark hair and a scraggly beard. He approached the wheel-chair bound man, unable to keep the doubt off his face. Still, this ‘Dante’ was the Queen’s friend, so it would be best not to hurt him… Crouching to be closer to Dante’s height, the knight came in with a punch, screaming, “And I’ll take you bare-handed!”


As he timed himself for his first attack, Dante smiled when the thought, “It’s your funeral, slug,” crossed his lips, in a murmer, before unleashing a quick snap to the man’s ears.


Staggering back, the knight shook his head, trying to clear the ringing in his ears. The added motion proved too much, and he fell, landing on his butt amidst the laughter of the other knights. Glaring at them and growling, he tried to stand.


“My suggestion? Stay down, barbarian,” the wheeled warrior said, but realized that the statement might anger the guy. However, after he twirled his weapons, he turned his chair away from the knight, thinking he would take the advice. The knights laughed again, and Uric couldn’t take it. Growling and drawing his sword, the dark-haired man lunged for Dante. Shaking his head at how stupid the fool was for not heeding his advice, Dante turned his seat, with speed that only seemed unnatural, and used one of the sticks to strike the knight’s midsection.


Gasping for air, the knight dropped his sword as he staggered back and fell to his knees, in what he viewed as dishonor. Looking at her guard, with a snide look on her face, Queen Chanista ordered them to their posts. “We have much to discuss, my friend,” she said looking in Dante’s direction. All he answered with was a bow and used his stick to motion for the fallen knight to leave the room, something he did with haste.


When the last person left the throne room, the queen sat down and looked at Dante with a heartbroken expression about her. Fighting back tears, she said, “Dante, I may be in danger…” He could see that whatever it was that made his friend ask for his help had the once fearless woman trembling. After a long period of silence, she told him her son, Alexandros, wanted her dead, so he could rule.


In the back of the Dante’s mind, an old memory of how Alexandros was as a young boy kept playing, like ripples in water. After he sat back in his seat more, he said, “I had a feeling this was the reason you summoned me here, my friend.” The two sat in the room without any further words being said and Dante approached the queen, who broke down crying while he held her. Queen Chanista had never before let any emotion other then her fearlessness shine, even Dante was beside himself as he witnessed it.


Watching the warrior queen like this was new to him. Maybe he should say something to ease his friend, but what? Dante was at a loss of words when it came to this emotion, and all he could do was hold her. A few moments passed while Queen Chanista silenced herself from crying and gathered herself, before sitting on the throne. Not a word on what just happened was spoken, all the queen did was show Dante to his room.


In the week that followed, Dante toured the kingdom with the queen, making notes of things he would need to change if the kingdom came under attack. He noticed that a few guards were lacking in their swordsmanship, among other details. Though Dante knew he couldn’t teach the art his mother, Yoruichi, passed to him, he could at least help them in the sword. At the end of the tour, he called a meeting of the palace guard.


As the guard flooded into a cold circular room, lit only by torches with a round table in the middle, the angry mumbles filled the room. Dante, who was seated to the right of the queen, slammed his fist down and said, “That’s enough!” His tone brought an instant hush to the crowd, making them all look in his direction. Dante only had to point his thumb downward to get them to sit and he called the meeting to order.


Queen Chanista stood up and spoke first, “This week has greatly disturbed me! I depend on all of you in this time of war, but after the things I’ve seen…” she sat down in what only looked like disgust, without finishing the sentence.


“But what do you want from us, your majesty?” Uric questioned. It was at that point Dante spoke up and told the room his plan to reorganize the way the knights did patrols, along with retrain them. After he finished outlining his plan, the guards were looking at him. Oh, they knew he was serious, but they wanted to know how he’d be training them. All Dante did to answer their unsaid questions was slightly smirk, before the queen disbanded the meeting. However, as the eyes of the knight he fought earlier met his, Dante felt something that could lead to trouble for the kingdom in the near future.


The next day, Dante wasted no time putting his plan to work. He tripled the guards around the gates of the kingdom. Had the patrols go around every two minutes, when it had been every fifteen, and watched their training. It didn’t take long for him to spot weaknesses in their style of swordsmanship.


“Hold,” came out of his mouth while he looked on. Dante couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Taking a female guard aside, he ordered the guards to watch while the two sparred. As Dante went to draw the Kahimoto sword from it’s sheath, the steel scraped against the scabbard. Though the guard knew what she heard him order her to do, she didn’t want to attack him.. “You naive little child,” Dante mumbled while speeding his chair toward her, only pausing to slash at her.


As he advanced, the woman backed away in a panic, not trying to parry his weapon. Finally he backed the frightened woman to a tree and took a swing at her neck, but stopped at the last second. Shaking his head in disgust, he told her she wasn’t ready to be a warrior and turned away from her. In his eyes, the guards didn’t have the stomach to kill, let alone defend themselves.


While sheathing his sword, Dante heard the woman ask, “Please, help me? “ Under normal conditions, he would take that as an invitation to get to know the woman and bed her, but this was a time of war.


Turning to face her, Dante looked into her eyes, as if he was peering into the soul and with a nod, agreed to help her. Over the next several weeks training them, he noted a big improvement with the guards, making Dante smile.


That night at the royal feast, Queen Chanista inquired how well the training was progressing. After he finished chewing the bite, Dante told her it was going well, adding that if the kingdom should be attacked, the guards are ready.


It was at that point of the conversation that Uric got up and threw a table knife at Dante. As if he was a cat, Dante dropped his fork and quickly put his hands together, catching the knife between his palms. Uric’s action prompted the queen to draw her sword and stand from her seat in a defensive stance. Her guards swarmed the great hall, their swords at the ready quickly taking the knight into custody.


Still holding her blade at the ready, Queen Chanista said, “Lord Uric, you are hereby stripped of your land and banned from this kingdom forever!” All the while the knight was being scolded, he was looking at Dante with a frigid stare. As Uric was being escorted from the room, Dante leaned over to a knight on his right, ordering her to strengthen the castle guard for the night.


With a slight nod, she stood and went to carry out his order. After the feast, Queen Chanista noticed Dante had left the room and she went to find him. Walking the hollowed halls of her castle was nothing new to her, but she began to wonder why her friend took off before the feast ended. Suddenly, in the distance, she could hear what only could be described as steel being worked with and ran toward the sound.


When the queen made it to the source of the noise, she saw Dante with a piece of moonstone, sharpening his sword, taking a second to pause and sip the tea Yoruichi had given him now and again. Coming into the room, Queen Chanista asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t say anything, he just continued to sharpen the Izurian blade. She knew by the look on Dante’s face that he was preparing for what was on the horizon, so she left to train as well.


After he finished refining the sword’s edge, Dante sheathed it and went to see the queen. He knew she had been in the same room with him before and knew why she left, but he knew she needed a sparring partner. Heading down the stone hall, he saw the queen, who was sparring with her Daltaurian broadsword and he picked up speed.


As Dante was cruising down towards her at top speed he let out a war cry as loud as he could to signal the queen to ready herself. With his hand firmly on Kahimoto’s handle, waiting to draw it until the last second, he let his chair’s speed carry him and the two clashed in a loud clang. Both the queen and her friend were meeting the others strikes blow by blow, not giving an inch.


Though lifelong friends, both Queen Chanista and Dante fought like one was trying to kill each other. They knew this was just practice, but if their training had taught them anything, it had taught them to battle like it was their last. After blocking the others blade, the two separated and reset their stances. Queen Chanista and Dante were studying the others eyes trying to guess what the next move would be.


The moment came when the queen ran toward her friend for what would be the final blow. Seeing her running at him, Dante began wheeling toward her at full speed, but before they met, he spun his chair, to build momentum and struck her blade, making Queen Chanista lose her grip on her sword. Even though she had his sword at her throat, it amazed her to see how Dante could adapt and fight since she last saw him years earlier.


Cracking his friendly grin, he moved the Kahimoto away from her neck, letting her retrieve her sword. When the queen took up her blade, Dante twirled his sword upside down and both gave the other a bow of respect, before sheathing their weapons. By the look on her face and the way she was sweating, Dante could see that Queen Chanista had a good workout. Walking with him, she told him that his progress had amazed her.


“Thank you, my friend,” he said while smiling. To him, her encouragement meant a lot, aside from his mother, Yoruichi’s, but when he thought of her and the note that he had read letting him know she was dead, a feeling of sadness came over him. Noticing he was looking sad, the queen stopped and decided to ask him what was wrong. At first, not telling her seemed to pop into his mind easily, but seeing how his mother had aided in the treaty between Izura and Daltauria, she had to know.


A few minutes after telling her, Queen Chanista was visibly shaken to her core. She didn’t think his mother could die, because of how stubborn she was. The queen asked him if he knew what she died from and though he has his suspicions, revenge needed to wait, because seeing this duty through was more pressing.


In the Daltaurian badlands, the former knight, who had been exiled by Queen Chanista, rode into the camp of Prince Alexandros. Riding his camel up to the royal tent, he told the guards that he had a pressing matter to discuss with the their prince. Without hearing the fallen knight out, an order came from the tent to seize him and the guards quickly did what they were ordered.


After being dragged from the saddle, Uric was forced to his knees, but somehow able to say he had a way to get rid of the queen and one of the guards told him, “Silence, dog!” However, something he heard was peaking Prince Alexandros’ interest, became he came out of the tent, stopping the guards. While he wasn’t about to trust this enemy fully, the prince wanted to at least listen to what Uric had to say.


When Uric got through telling the prince what he knew, Alexandros motioned his guard captain over, ordering him to send word for an attack. However, after doing so, he gave the warning that if the former knight was telling a lie, he’ll pay with his life. As he mounted a white stallion, the prince told Uric to follow them and, with a firm tug on the reins, Alexandros took off, with his army in tow.


A guard, stationed in a tower at the north wall, saw a group of men on horseback who were approaching fast. He knew they were coming to attack the castle, so he sent a messenger to Queen Chanista and Dante. Both the queen and her friend wasted little time organizing a defense. The queen gave the order to send the women and children into the cave behind the castle, while Dante sent more troops to secure the entrances to it.


Like an earthquake, the attacking force broke down the gate flooding the city. Just as Dante trained them, the guards were fighting skillfully, but even though they were killing quite a few, more attackers took their place, which overpowered the queen’s men. Inside the castle, Dante alongside a few guards were ushering Queen Chanista to safety, but by the look in her eyes, he knew she wanted to fight.


Though a feeling that he couldn’t place was eating at him, Dante knew she wouldn’t just run and hide, so giving a nod, he let her stay to protect her kingdom. Not a moment went by, did the guards, the queen and Dante hear Alexandros’ army pounding at the thrown room’s door. As they were drawing their blades, both Queen Chanista and her friend instructed the knights to stay sharp.


Shouting to let them know they understood, the guards drew their weapons, readying themselves for the coming army. When the army broke through, each side started to attack the other with no remorse. Dante and the queen fought back to back, slicing, slashing their way through enemies until the sea of warriors separated the two friends


When Queen Chanista’s troops were through slaughtering their opponents, neither the queen nor Dante could be found. Meanwhile, the queen was making her way through the castle gardens, her sword at the ready. Walking through it, her mind began racing with the question of why did Alexandros turn out this way? She didn’t have much time to dwell on questions, because her son, Alexandros, struck at her from the air. Blocking her son’s strike wasn’t hard, even though she taught him herself, he didn’t practice daily.


In the training fields, Dante was busy hacking and slashing his way through a few of the soldiers that were left. Pausing to reset his grip on the Kahimoto, a knight came up behind him and put his arm around his neck, choking him. Dante’s eyes were huge as he was desperately trying to get air. He knew if he didn’t break the hold soon he’d die With his feet firmly planted on the footrest, he stood up, head butting the unsuspecting man. Surprised by Dante’s sudden movement, the knight started to stagger backward, but the wheeled warrior grabbed his hair, flipping the man over the chair.


After doing so, he ran the knight through with his sword, killing him instantly. He had no time to rest and regain his strength, for Dante knew Uric had to be the one who betrayed Queen Chanista and when he found the piece of dragon waste, he’d kill him. Removing his sword from the dead man’s body, he started looking for his prey. Scanning the area with his eyes, the warrior was moving with extreme caution, as if he knew Uric was close.


It didn’t take Dante long to find the former knight, for Uric was sitting on his knees with his sword stabbed in the ground before him, waiting for the man who had scarred his honor. Before Uric could speak, Dante told him that only a man who has tarnished his own honor would betray someone who placed their trust in them. While standing, a twisted thought started going through Uric’s mind and he began to grin a madman’s smile.


After grabbing his sword, the former lord’s mind started to plan ways to kill this man. Knowing the duel was about to start, Dante set his grip on his sword and watched Uric’s body language. Planting his feet, Uric took off, heading for his opponent. Though it was harder from him to move, Dante started wheeling toward the man he was going to kill.


When their swords met, both men were trying to gain the advantage, but being on grass put Dante at a disadvantage, slowing his momentum. He knew the ground was hindering his fighting and he was trying to keep up, but the question would he be able to win this started going through his mind. Though he skillfully blocked Uric’s side strike, the force of it sent Dante tumbling out of his seat and to the hard ground face first.


Seeing the man who humiliated him like this filled the former lord with pleasure, because to him, victory was his. Dante could hear Uric’s footsteps approaching and the steel of his sword scrapping the ground. When the former lord was over the seemingly unsuspecting man, his sword came down from an overhead strike, but at the last minute, Queen Chanista’s friend rolled onto his back, blocking Uric’s blade.


What Dante did sent a chill up the disposed lord’s shameless spine, for he had never seen anyone with reflexes such as the man he was fighting. However, Dante wasn’t done yet, grabbing Uric’s collar he flipped him over his head. While flipping to his feet, Dante was telling the former lord that he better be ready to go to the afterlife. Witnessing this sent questions flooding into the former lord’s borderline insane mind, but none more important then, Who was this man?


With his mind leading him to the conclusion that Dante was a demon, Uric picked up his sword and ran at him, slashing madly. There was no question for Queen Chanista’s friend about sparing the former lord’s life or not. Oh, he had already planned to kill him for betraying her, but even if he didn’t, Uric saw him walk and he couldn’t allow that information to get back to Price Alexandros.


Running to meet the insane lord, Dante had already chosen a way to kill this filth. Looking for an opening, he parried Uric’s blade until he found a weakness to exploit. The opening presented itself and with a side slash, Dante cut the lord diagonally from the waist up and went for the head, taking it. He knew this was the first head he had to take in his life, so the emotion hadn’t hit him yet, but Dante’s mind couldn’t think about the kill now. All he thought about was the fact that he needed to find Queen Chanista quickly


As he got in his chair and was sheathing the Kahimoto, his mind began to ask why he let her get separated from him? Wheeling back to the castle like something otherworldly had him under it’s power, Dante’s mind kept hounding him, making him worry even more. As soon as he had the garden in view, a blood curling scream rang out that sent chills up the hardened warrior’s spine. “Chanista!” Dante yelled, coming fast from the training field, and at that point he knew the feeling he had earlier was telling him she would die.


Though he knew that there was a good chance of finding Queen Chanista dead, Dante was trying to convince himself she was okay. As he was making way to the garden, the queen’s friend was gathering every warrior he could. Once he and the garrison of guards got to the garden, a black cloud of sadness descended upon them all and each person dropped to their knees in tears. While wheeling up to her body, which was propped up by a pillar, Dante still wasn’t ready to accept that his longtime friend was dead.


Heavy hearted, Dante ordered the guards to help carry her out before the invading army’s reinforcements came. Though grief stricken, Queen Chanista’s warriors knew he was right, so with each at a limb, they carried her out. He never allowed himself to show any emotion before, but while picking up her sword, Dante broke down in tears. Maybe it was his mother, Yoruichi’s, death put together with this, but he couldn’t stop crying.


Knowing he should hurry and get out, Dante fought his tears to regain control. Once he did, the queen’s friend took her blade and took off to catch up with the guards.

To Be Continued

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