Anime Convention Plans Set For 2016-2017

Years ago, 1997-01, I’ve gone to one Anime Con a year, which let me let my inner Anime freak out. Unfortunately, after my mom had a  massive stroke, my sister took me in 2001, a trip I wasn’t thrilled with, so I kinda stopped, until 2004, when I came into contact with the anime club. What they do/did was pick a convention to go to and raise money for it. When it drew near, we’d get pre- registered, get our IDs and go.


Aside from my sister’s rude comments about the club’s president, & a club member spoiling my fun on the dealer floor, because she thought my wheelchair meant I have no mind, (a misconception people go with when they see me), I had a good time. Was able to hang with them, and distance myself from my sister.


Now years later, I’m very strongly thinking of going to one again. Yep, you heard right, this guy needs a vacation! So, I’ve done a little research and decide to go to Yomacon, a local anime con either this year or next. year. The time frame was picked because I need time to save cash, which I have a plan on how to do that. Pop cans will be horded for one source.


So there ya go, my plan! If done right, my inner Otaku WILL be free once more, & I can hardly wait! 🙂


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