Tips And Advice For Beginner Writers 1: Introduction

Over the years, 2001-now, I’ve written a lot of stories, some good others utter garbage, but through them all I’ve learned a ton and had good teachers and they gave me good advice, helping me better my craft. I will admit, some advice came across kinda harshly, making me debate throwing in the the towel, but I look back at her words as fuel, turning my thinking around! Her words and my adopted brother’s advice helped me a lot & I thought I’d pass on the lessons I’ve learned.


In this series, many key aspects of writing will be talked about and discussed in detail. Everything from writing styles, (IE: “Showing VS. Telling”), character building/revamping, to story and character development. Please note, while I may know a little bit, I’m sure there are people who know more than me. With that said, I hope to aid a few people who wish to begin writing.


See you in the next post, Ja Ne! 🙂


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