Tips And Advice For Beginner Writers 4: Revamping Characters Can Be Good

Sorry for the 3-4 day lag since my last post, but seems firefox won’t allow me to view my WP Notifications anymore for a reason. However, other browsers do, so until Mozilla fixes this error, I’ll switch to another browser.


In my last Tips and Advice post, having your character work for his or her goals was discussed. And while this topic has something to do with that one, I’d like to talk about revamping ideas/abilities for characters. Though Blackrose is somewhat ready for her story to be told, I revamped, (pun intended) her several times, throwing out what didn’t work or seem right, but added things that fit the vampire lore. Heck, it wasn’t that long ago since she told me why her fur was so dark, & I thought it made sense, so….


When creating a story around your character, don’t be afraid revamp him or her however times you feel like until you are comfortable with them. Keep in mind, it is your story and character, no one elses, so revamping doesn’t hurt. Before the third chapter of Aki Yoshira’s series was started, (her picture below), I was about to give her weapons in chapter 2 with a rehashed backstory, but I redid it in my head and had her fight empty handed until mid chapter 3, a work I’m still working on, (a love scene, heh)


Aki Yoshira                           (My repressed  Anime college Girl) 🙂


In the next installment, we will discuss keeping a bit of lore in a story, while thinking outside the box.


As always, I’d like to go deeper, so if you wish to talk about these topics or if I missed some points, please let me know by dropping a comment. 🙂


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