Tips And Advice For Beginner Writers 5: Building A Believable World And Lore Around Your Characters

Before starting, let me say Fire Fox works again, but I’m an idiot for not resetting it sooner. Anyway, in this post, we will explore and talk about how to build a believable world/lore around your characters. Whether it be a vampire story, Hentai or what have you, making your world a believable one is paramount.


For example: When Blackrose first woke up & allowed me to work with her, I’ve had a fair amount of vampire lore to draw upon, due to my interest in the genera. And let us not forget that I have seen Anime with cat girls in my time, so I merged the two, creating a mental image of her. As for Dante, (renaming him Xavior in the book), I drew a little inspiration from myself, and other sources. Even created a believable martial art, using lore.


Now, when building your world, it is okay to think outside the box, so long as it is believable.I know it may sound like I’m repeating myself, but revamp, revamp, revamp. And if your character has a skill, fit it in, but be sure it fits your world. This may produce hate mail, but eh, I’ll use the example.

The Twilight book series is the perfect example of what NOT to do to vampire lore. While the writer might have thought outside the box, she herself admitted she never did research, which in my mind was a huge screw up. Whoever heard of sparkling vampires? While I’ve not read the books, the movie, my sister had me watch made me twitch bad!


As always, let’s discuss this topic, or if there was something I missed, feel free to drop a comment!


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