Cabin Fever Has Set In

While I do plan on doing more posts on writing, (due to the responses I’ve been getting), there have been a few other posts in my skull, begging to get out. One of which is a review of one anime I grew up on, but almost stopped watching because of an ex friend of mine, (more about that in another post). Another post will ask what songs, (Jpop or otherwise) speaks to you, which on my long list, more than a few do, so I have to pick three. 🙂


It hit that time of year where Winter’s chill forces one do his/her best bear impression & sleep until Spring. For me though, it has me wanna run my r/c and I can’t wait! I still have the Stampede in the shop, getting blinged out with blue upgrades, which to my surprise, will be well under $100 bucks. With that said, I’m throwing around the idea of buying a new on road car to replace the one I can rarely get parts for anymore, (Link below).


While true this Rolling Chassis needs electronics, a motor, tires and wheels, by looks of the info on the site, parts are still available for the  TC4 & if I wanna drift, it can be geared for that, but me, I may just have it be a street car, something I can take to the church and bust out laps with.




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