Tips And Advice For Beginner Writers 6: Trigger Points

This might be a overtalked about subject, something you already may know, but I’ll cover it anyway. No matter what you’re writing, whether it be a book or fan fiction, a trigger point serves as a good tool for the character’s motives throughout the story. What are trigger points, you ask? They are scenes or what have you that change the character’s thoughts/feelings, driving their fire to see a task through to the end, no matter how long it’ll take.


This may make a sucky example, but two years ago, I let a friend read a few chapters of my book, and she darn near choaked me because something traumatic happened to a character she grew attached too. I just told her that the character served her role and needed to leave the stage in order to progress the story. Looking at it now, if it had that much impact, then I know it was the right way to go.


When writing, your trigger point may or may not be clear to you, but if you end a chapter with a event & feel like it could be a trigger for other things to come, that’s a trigger point! šŸ™‚


As always, if you would like to dive deeper into any topic discussed here, or any topic in this series, please drop a comment.

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